Even though I've played a ton of video games all my life, it's a rare thing when I actually develop an obsession with a game. Call of Duty is my "go to" game that I spend most of my time on, but every now and then I dabble around in other games. I tried getting into Assassin's Creed: Unity and The Evil Within recently, but they just didn't do it for me. I blame it on the fact that they are third person shooter games, and I definitely prefer first person perspectives. However, I have found a new obsession with the new zombie slaying game with a Parkour aspect: Dying Light. If you liked Dead Island, then you will love this game.

This game takes place in a quarantined city called Harran where a mutated form of the rabies virus has taken over the citizens. Your character, Kyle Crane, is a GRE agent looking for a rogue agent with a secret file. As you drop into the city, you are bitten by a zombie but quickly taken to safety where you meet a group of survivors depending on your help to get them through this epidemic. Antizin is a drug given by the GRE via air drop to suppress the virus from spreading in those infected by a bite, which is vital for the survival of the remaining citizens until a real cure is found. 

Throughout your time in Harran, there is a lot to do. There are tons of side quests, challenges (running, Parkour, escaping, etc), boxes to rummage through, and items to collect (weapons, blueprints, journals, notes, voicemail recordings, flags, zombie statues, and crafting items). Plus there are huge amounts of zombies and human enemies to take on all over the place. There are also a few Easter eggs in the game that take you to places reminiscent of Super Mario World, Plants vs Zombies, and Destiny. And one of my favorite features of the game is the fact that it's co-op. You can have up to four people in one game playing together once you get past the introduction. I've played most of the game with my boyfriend and it is a lot more fun when you have others keeping you company in Harran. They also have the ability to revive you if you get downed by a horde of infected. However, you do all have to be at the same place to begin and end a mission, and you also have to finish the last mission on your own without assistance.

Another fun feature about this game is that there is a clock that is always running, so you play during the day and the night. Be careful while playing at night though, because there are quicker, more violent zombies lurking around every corner waiting to feast on your flesh. The volatiles are much scarier looking than the day walkers, and they are also much quicker and more aggressive. You can try to sneak around Harran to avoid them, or you can take them on if you have a decent weapon. Once you start running around the city at night you get more used to it, even though it can be a little terrifying at first. You do earn double agility and survivor points at night to upgrade your skill tree, which is a huge plus. You also have the option to sleep through the night, but there are a few missions that require you to go out at night. Just make sure to open up as many safe houses as you can because the infected can't enter those zones, and you'll be safe for the time being. Safe houses also give you access to beds and storage for when your inventory is full.

I've spent a lot of time on this game. So far I have 79 hours logged for Dying Light and 48 out of 50 Xbox achievements unlocked. It should actually be 49 out of 50 achievements completed, but the big one worth 100 points, The Whole Story, is glitched. This achievement requires you to complete all side quests to unlock (there are 51 in total). I've done this and the achievement won't pop for me. It's very irritating because I have spent a lot of time completing those side quests and I don't even get credit for the achievement. After doing some research about this online, it looks like there was a patch to fix it but it doesn't fit it for all players. My achievement progress is still stuck at 97%, which is an issue for most people in the game. Some have gotten it to unlock, so I am hoping this issue gets resolved soon so I can "complete" the game. Apparently there is a side quest that was originally broken up into two different side quests, but the developers combined them into one but did not change the coding in the game.

Overall, I think the game is amazing. Even though I have finished my story line and all of the challenges and side quests, I also have the option to join up with friends in their games or random online games to help other players progress through their stories. I'm still working to find all 100 zombie statues and 30 flags (which I currently have 35 and 29 respectively) so that should keep me occupied in my own game for a bit. There is also an option to become a zombie and hop into random online games. Dying Light has its glitches, but it's filled with a decent story line, terrifying zombie chases, fun things to climb on (especially after you get the grappling hook), and a lot of ways to enjoy multiple aspects of the game.