I was a huge fan of the first installment of Dead Island. I finally got around to playing its follow up game, RipTide. I enjoyed the game just as much as the first, but one thing I noticed was how glitchy the game was. Apparently this is a common thing for Deep Silver games, so I guess I should not have been surprised.

I decided to start this game by using Sam B, the one hit wonder rapper. I used Purna in the first game because she was the firearms expert, but I didn't even get access to a gun until over halfway through the first game. I chose Sam B because he was the blunt weapons expert, and that's what I remember using the most of in the first Dead Island. What I did not expect was to have a guy join in my game session in chapter 2 and offer me a modded pistol. I'm not a modded gamer and I don't plan on dabbling into that industry either. I did, however, appreciate this pistol because it made Sam's life so much easier. Yeah, it was probably a bitch way of finishing the game, but with the amount of running around I did on that game to find all of the audio diaries, journal entries, post cards, secret files, and island guides I found it necessary. Having to deal with hordes of screaming infected running toward you at a constant rate got exhausting, so being able to spray them with a machine pistol with unlimited ammo was a blessing. After hours of searching, running, wading, driving, and boating around the maps, I found all of my collectables and got the Hoarder achievement done.

Another achievement I was trying to complete was the Hunter-Seeker achievement worth 90G. This required you to kill all named champion monsters located in Dead Zones. A buddy and I went through all of the Dead Zones and killed every single one of these monsters, but the game didn't credit me with the achievement. I went back through my completed missions and realized that it was only showing 12 out of 13 done. I did some research online and found out that one of the zombies I had killed early on in the game wasn't showing. The problem with this is that he was a part of the main story line, so there was no chance of him respawning back into the game for me to kill him again. I was so irritated by this because I had spent so much time traveling around killing all of the other boss zombies for pretty much nothing. I read online that there were many other people having the same issue as myself. Someone suggested joining in with someone's game on Xbox Live that was in chapter 2 where you kill Joe the "Ogre," but that didn't work for me either. Another person said they had to redo the entire campaign and I sure as hell wasn't about to do that again, so I just gave up on it.

One thing I also spent a lot of time on was making sure I completed every side mission and quest in the game. This would have given me the "Achiever" achievement worth 100G. But of course the game was glitched and since I didn't kill Joe earlier (according to the game), I didn't get this achievement because I only had 12 Dead Zone bosses killed. FML.

There were also a few glitchy things that occurred during gameplay, such as losing weapons from my inventory and not being able to fast travel like I usually could. I even had some crazy blurry vision in one part of the game which made it hard to see where I was going. Despite the issues I encountered, I enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun killing the undead.