Alright folks!  It's that time again: time to review the newest Call of Duty Ghosts map pack.  This time we have Devastation, and included are four new multiplayer maps, a new Extinction map, and a brand new gun.  


This map is a smaller map that takes place in a Mayan civilization taken over by the jungle.  There is a volcano in the background that can be activated by completing a set of field orders.  There is a large temple in the middle of the map that is favored by a lot of players because it has good vantage points, and it's easy to camp in.  There are a few underground tunnels to travel through as well.  The map is fun, and there are many references to the Predator movies.  You can even become the Predator with a special care package, which is really fun to play as.  You even get a shoulder cannon to kill enemies with, along with the ability to turn invisible.  The best part is that once you are killed by the enemy, the Predator sets off a K.E.M. strike and the entire enemy team dies.  This is great for Team Deathmatch.  And the first time I came across the Predator I screamed like a little girl.  It gets creepy because when the Predator is lurking around, he makes sounds that can give you nightmares.  




This map takes places on a large excavation vehicle in Columbia, South America.  This map is a long and narrow map, and it does provide a "crappy" spawn side in some game modes, especially Domination.  There is also a special care package just for this map which is reminiscent of a chopper gunner from Black Ops.  It's a little hard to control, but you can shoot through ceilings and kill the enemies hiding below.  People that spawn on the C flag side of the map also like to camp the windows at the end of the map.  This gets annoying, but there is a stairwell in the middle of the map in the engine room where the B flag is you can use in order to attempt to flank them.  The map isn't my favorite, but if you have a good team you can make it work to your advantage.




This map is located in New York.  Apparently a cargo ship has crashed into a large bridge, causing all types of chaos.  There are lots of storage containers to climb on and into, and you can also go below deck.  There is a map specific care package that contains an A-10 Warthog strafe as well.  However, this care package is the worst of the new ones because it is really hard to get kills and you only get two strafes.  This map is fun, and Domination is always interesting because the B flag is on the raised area in the middle of the map, making it hard to control on a consistent basis.  Search and Rescue is fun on this map as well.  Overall I like the map.




If you played Modern Warfare 3, you will probably recognize this map.  It's a remake of Dome, one of the most popular maps from the game.  This map takes place at an alien dig site.  This is a small map great for grenade and thermobaric tossing.  The special care package you can get by completing field orders is a trio of Seekers, which are creepy aliens that headhunt for you.  I call them little piggies because they make a weird squealing noise when activated.  Just be aware of when you use your care package though because the Seekers cannot be activated if there are too many teammates around you.  There is also a crane that you can use to travel above the map for a temporary aerial view.  You have to destroy three cable supports with explosives in order to drop the carriage down.  There is also a Venom-X in the carriage, which was originally introduced in the Extinction game mode.  I think it's a great map for all game modes.



The Ripper

I absolutely love this gun.  The ripper is an SMG/Assault Rifle combo and allows you to switch between the two modes with different sights.  You have the ability to switch gun modes in an instant with the touch of a button.  I prefer to use the SMG style of shooting with the iron sights.  I run it with a foregrip and a muzzle break, creating a nice sense of control while shooting.  This gun was released to Season Pass holders early, so I was able to master it before it was released to everyone else that purchased the map pack.   

The map pack is great, but one of the biggest annoyances is that the previous map pack, Onslaught, just got put into regular rotation with the original maps.  They did not do this until Devestation was released.  I wish the map packs would make it into general population sooner than later, because I do miss playing the older maps from time to time.  Playing the same four maps over and over again gets tiring, but I want to play the maps that I paid for.  And I used to hate the fact that for hardcore players we could only play the new maps in a mosh pit setting, but I've grown to like it because it breaks up the monotony of playing the same game mode on the same four maps.  I've even started to like Search and Rescue, believe it or not.  Overall the maps are good, but the Onslaught maps were better in my opinion.  I am excited to see what pop culture references are in the next installment of maps because playing as Michael Myers and the Predator is awesome.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you love them, hate them?  Don't care?  PSN and PC players will get to experience these new maps on May 8.