I'm sure most of the die hards have already figured out this Easter Egg, but here's a breakdown of what it is, the things you need to find, where to find them, and what to do next.  Please keep in mind that this needs to be done during online multiplayer games and not in private matches. 

In this month's DLC, a neat Easter Egg activity was included in the multiplayer maps that also link to the new Extinction map.  On each of the four maps (Fog, BayView, Ignition, and Containment) there is a set of alien eggs that you need to find.  When you find the eggs, you will need to shoot them (just one bullet will be enough) in order to signify that you found the eggs.  Here are the locations of the Extinction eggs on each map:


  • Fog:  If you go into the cave, go up to the big hole where the bats fly out of.  Go to the ride side of the hole where the log is, and look into the hole.  The eggs look a little dark but you should be able to see them fine across from you.
  • BayView:  If you are near the A flag on Domination, go to the closest corner of the map that faces the water.  There is a dock outside of the map (if you're facing the lighthouse from the front, you will need to turn 90 degrees to your left and run to that corner).  You should be able to see the hive underneath the dock.  I found that it is easier to see if you crouch.
  • Ignition:  This hive was the easiest to spot.  Head down to the tunnel that runs under the map and you will see the eggs on the side of the wall.
  • Containment:  This hive is located behind the Ghosts original spawn (not the church spawn, but the opposite side across the bridge).  There is a building behind you that you can access by either going up the stairs or by pushing the green dumpster underneath the ladder on the side of the building.  Once you are looking out the side window, look at the rooftop across from you to the left.  You should see the eggs on top of the roof.


Once you have spotted a hive location and put a bullet or two into them, a notification will show up on the left hand side of your screen acknowledging that you found an egg.  Once you have completed all four, start up a game of Extinction on the new map.  Once you destory the first hive you should unlock the achievement and an extra 2000xp bonus in Extinction.

Check out the video below for the locations.  Happy hunting!