Call of Duty: Ghosts finally released the first DLC map pack since the game has been out.  Unfortunately, I was at a conference the week it was released so I wasn't able to play it until the following weekend.  Even though that was a total bummer, it was worth the wait because I think the map pack is fantastic.  Onslaught includes four new multiplayer maps, a new Extinction map, and two new weapons.

For starters, I think all four maps are very well done.  Two out of the four are fairly small and great for running and gunning, which I have greatly missed in the game since a majority of the original maps are larger.  The third map is a larger map that holds many sniping points but can also be taken on by bold runners.  And finally, the last map is a remake of one of the best Call of Duty maps to ever exist, Scrapyard.  I like how there are interactive aspects to every map, making them unique and fun.


The first new map I was able to play on was Fog.  This is one of the smaller maps that is great for running and gunning.  There are also benefits to setting up a sniping class for this map because there are a tons of places that are great for hiding someone with a ghillie suit.  It's a dark map, so I recommend a thermal scope if you aren't running around like a chicken with their head cut off.  I prefer to run around this map with a Vector because there are a ton of tight turns and situations that are strictly close quarters.  There are a couple of places that can be breached to create secret passageways, and a number of routes to take when moving from the house over to the swamp.  People do like to camp on this map because the swamp and the area near the broken bridge provides a lot of cover and camouflage, but that is to be expected.  I am a huge fan of this map because I am a horror fan, and this setting is reminiscent of Friday the 13th and Evil Dead.  And watch out for Michael Myers...he may be right around the corner from you.  If you complete your field orders you could get a care package dropped containing a manaic, Michael Myers style.  I don't understand why he runs around with an ax rather than a knife (like in most of the Halloween movies), or why Michael Myers is even relevent to the map's setting, but it's still fun to watch.  I still haven't had a chance to be Mike yet, but hopefully I will get to try it out soon.  It's a fun, campy map (in more ways than one) and playing Domination on it is a must.  Just remember to hold down point B!


This map takes place on a seaside pier filled with restaurants, shops, an aquarium, and even a working trolley car.  This is another one of the smaller maps included in the DLC and I highly enjoy it.  All game modes are fun on this map, and as much as it pains me to say it, even Search and Rescue can be fun on it.  There is a lighthouse on one end of the map that gives players a great view of the entire map, so always be prepared to be sniped while you're out and about.  There are also a couple of other higher vantage points that make it exciting to capture points in Domination.  There is a chance to get mortar fire from an artillery strike from a naval ship off the coast in a lucky care package, so make sure your teammates are indoors when you set fire to the map.  


This is probably the largest map out of the new content.  Containment is home to Spanish bars, a church, and a large bridge in the middle of the map.  I prefer to snipe on this map because it is very easy to get picked off while running since there are a number of good vantage points to lay low in.  There are also a couple of places to breach and in the pool hall the ceiling can crumble down on top of you, so watch out.  If you go near the large bridge, a large radioactive device jams your radar while you remain in the area.  And like BayView, there is a chance to get a mortar strike in a care package.  Once you hear the church bells start ringing, get away from the bridge to avoid blowing up with the truck on top.


And finally, we have Ignition.  This map is a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 favorite, Scrapyard.  This map is not a bigger version, and honestly I'm not sure if I like it better than Scrapyard.  What's cool about it though is that this map has more unique aspects than the original.  For instance, there is a large digital clock over near the A capture point.  Once the countdown hits zero, watch out for the debris coming down from a rocket in the background.  It will ignite and lift off its launch pad, but when it gets a up in the air, it will be hit by a kinetic rod and explode.  The pieces fall down and land near the tunnels, creating a longer covered path.  This can squish you, so be aware of what's above you.  You can also fire up an engine by interacting with a button in the lab, killing any players that are standing in its path.  There is also a care package that contains an F1 Engine Fire test.  This activates the engine in the middle of the map and kills anyone underneath it.  

The Maverick

After Black Ops 2 released the Peacekeeper as a part of their DLC, I was hopeful to have another new gun introduced into this game as well.  There are two versions of the Maverick, one assault rifle and one sniper rifle.  The assault rifle produces heavy damage and I love the iron sights on the gun.  I have been using this gun a lot recently, but it's no Peacekeeper.  It's a great assault rifle to use on a running class if you don't want to use an SMG, but I recommend using a muzzle break to help with the recoil.  The Maverick A-2 has a moderate recoil while sniping, but it is already equipped with a tracker scope.  I have not used this gun yet so I cannot provide much more information about it.  I'm a bigger fan of the marksman rifles for sniping as opposed to the sniper rifles.  

Unfortunately, I don't have a review for Extinction because I only played it for about five minutes to complete the Easter Egg.  Sorry folks!  But I will walk you through how to complete the Easter Egg from the DLC maps here.

How do you like the maps?  Do you love them, hate them, or don't give a crap?  I want to know!