I took on the challenge of creating a list of my favorite Call of Duty maps last week, so it's only fitting to create a list of the WORST maps that I have ever seen in the game (World at War-Black Ops 2).  Some of these maps I absolutely refuse to play, and some of them I lay low and snipe because running and gunning does not work out in my favor due to the abundance of corner campers.  Check out the list below, and let me know what you think!  

#20:  Carrier (BO2)

I can't stand this map because it favors snipers and leaves rushers like me screwed.  Running out into the middle of the map is suicide, so I'm stuck wandering around the edges of the map in attempts to flank the snipers and their camping body guards.  It's easy for enemies to be camouflaged in the shadows and some of the rubble, so getting shot in the back is inevitable.

#19:  Cracked (BO)

I've never been a fan of maps that are locations for previous bomb sites.  When you have a ton of buildings that have been partially destroyed it breeds camping because there are tons of corners to camp in, dark shadows to lurk in, and lots of hidey holes for assholes to hide in.  Cracked is no different and I hated playing this map every time it came up.

#18:  Wasteland (MW2)

This map is just stupid.  There are trenches located in the middle of nowhere with a random shack and a cemetery.  All everyone did was either hide in the tunnel in the middle of the map or snipe on the outskirts.  The people that decided to run were screwed because they got picked off by snipers and had nowhere to go because the tunnel was taken over by campers.  It was also difficult to see because of the foggy haze the map had.  Like I said, stupid.

#17:  Downhill (BO2 DLC)

Some of the downloadable maps in Black Ops 2 were complete crap, and this is definitely one of them.  First of all, most snow maps suck.  Second, this one has a house, which invites camping.  I'm assuming that the bitches that camp in these types of maps think the houses resemble their mother's and are trying to find their basements.  This map wouldn't be so bad if the way people played on it was different, but always remember to check your corners and all of the windows.


#16:  Bakaara (MW3)

Ugh.  I have never liked this map.  There are a ton of buildings that people like to hide in, and a couple of them only have one way in so it is very easy for someone to camp the staircases.  This is also one of the annoying things about playing Infected on it.  Everyone would huddle inside one of the buildings and the infected would just have to get a lucky throwing knife kill or manage to make it through the masses of other infected and bullets.  There are also a few dark shadows that people like to hide in which adds to the annoying factor.

#15:  Roundhouse (WaW)

I think a lot of people forgot about this map and that is probably for the best.  This one is an oldie but definitely not a goodie.  Visually it is very rustic looking and somewhat appealing, and this larger map centered around deserted trains and the round building in the middle of the battlefield.  There are lots of grass and rubble to hide in, which makes it annoying for runners.  There are also a few broken down buildings that have those inevitable corners that you must check upon entering.

#14:  Crisis (BO)

You are screwed by the guy in the tower if you spawn on the beach, and you are screwed by the guy in the crow's nest if you spawn on the other side.  This map is awful because of the layout.  There are two crappy spawn points and a building and tunnel in the middle.  Enough said.

#13:  Drone (BO2)

This is one of those maps that I hate but I tend to do fairly well on.  People tend to fight for the hillside because it's a decent sniping point, but it can get annoying for runners like myself.  There are also a handful of buildings where campers like to hang out in.  

#12:  Derail (MW2)

I remember this map as being a fight for the small building.  There are staircases on either side of the building and people would normally set up camp in there.  It would be easy to flush them out with a grenade launcher and some grenades, but there were always tac inserts to worry about and their camping buddies on the opposite staircase.  There is also a patch of woods that can be used to hide snipers, so running out in that direction is always risky.

#11:  Seelow (WaW)

Thinking about this map brings back all of the horrible memories of it.  It's been a few years since I've played on it but I remember how awful it was.  This map was HUGE.  When you died, you had to run about a half a mile once you respawned just to get near the enemy again...and then when you got there, you more than likely got sniped by someone that you couldn't find.  AWFUL.

#10:  Meltdown (BO2)

This map just annoys me.  Most of the people sit up in one of the various windows in one of the multiple buildings and shoot anyone that they can find.  Then you have those that hide in the circular building by the smoke stack.  The buildings are numbered but they aren't in a sequence that is easy to remember, so it is easy to forget what building corresponds to what number.  

#9:  Array (BO)

Surprise, surprise, another snow map makes the list.  Array is a fairly large map that focused on the central building.  Typically speaking, teams would fight over who had control over the middle building so they could camp in it.  There are a few entrances to the building including windows and a staircase, but those are usually guarded with a handful of claymores and a guy with a riot shield.  If you opt to stay clear of the building, there is a tower that is often used for sniping and people with assault rifles with scopes on them.  Playing on this map is always pretty predictable and irritating.

#8:  Vertigo (BO2 DLC)

One of the worst DLC maps ever to exist in Call of Duty.  This map is wretched.  The layout sucks, the building sucks, and the fact that you can't even get onto the helicopter is stupid.  This crappy map doesn't even need an explanation of why it sucks.

 #7:  Jungle (BO) 

This is one of those maps that I have a hard time seeing people on because the background colors and images make the soldiers blend in.  Another problem with this is that it is easy to camp on.  The most obvious thing that everyone does is fight for the rock/cliff.  If you toss or launch a grenade up there you are more than likely to get a kill every time.  Teams also tend to hold down the village because there are a few huts that you can hide in, as well as a few ditches and low points to lie prone in and shoot people as they approach.  Lame.

#6:  Afghan (MW2)

The cave.  That is all.

#5:  Estate (MW2)

Another map with a house.  If you didn't have control of the house, you were pretty much screwed because the people inside it would never leave it.  

#4:  Turbine (BO2)

Okay folks, let's get one thing straight:  the long, cylindrical item that you can climb on top of and walk through is a WIND TURBINE (hence the name of the map), not an airplane.  It amazes me that people still call it a plane this late in the game.  Besides the annoying choice of words some players have in regards to this map, I hate the layout of it as well.  It's a decent sized map so runners have to truck it if they want to run and gun, but they are always on the lookout for snipers.  I try to snipe on this map because when I run I get picked off over and over again.  There are tons of rocks and dark shadows for other people to camp so that makes it ten times worse.

#3:  Downfall (WaW)

I bet you probably don't even remember this map because no one ever picked it in World at War because it was so bad.  This humongous map was a giant pain in the ass to play!  It was hard to see people on, there were so many routes to take, broken buildings to crawl through, and it was just an overall mess.  The destroyed building with the Nazi flag hanging from it was kind of cool to look at for symbolic purposes, but that is the only thing it has going for it.  Straight trash.

#2:  Aftermath (BO2)

I have probably played this map on Black Ops 2 less than any other map in the game because I will back out of a lobby if it comes up.  The only reasons I get stuck playing it is because I either get thrown into the game after it has started, or I am in a really good lobby that has a great connection and a crappy enemy team.  This map is the ultimate camp city.  I just pull out my sniper rifle and hang out in a building while Alex covers the stairs with a shotgun.  It's hilarious because we get so bored since we are straight runners.  Ugh.  I will be happy to never play this map after Ghosts comes out!

#1:  Downturn (MW3)

YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!  I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS MAP!  There is not a single good thing that I can say about this map other than the fact that I never have to play it again.  Every game mode sucks on it, it's ugly, it has too many buildings that you can't distinguish from one another except for the bank, and there are too many dark shadows and tunnels for people to hide in.  WORST MAP EVER.


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