When I was playing online with some friends the other day, we started talking about some older maps that we missed playing on.  After that, I decided that I wanted to make a list of my favorite Call of Duty maps, beginning with World at War.  That was my first Call of Duty game so unfortunately I cannot add Call of Duty 4 maps to the list.  Sorry guys!

I tried narrowing down my list to a top 10, but that just wasn't happening.  If you know my style of gameplay, you should know that I'm a hardcore run and gunner so I tend to favor smaller maps.  So now I present to you MY top 20 multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty series.  Enjoy!

#20:  Highrise (MW2)

This map favors all types of players because it was great for sniping as well as close combat shooting.  It is a pretty symmetrical map (which I like) so initial spawns weren't that much of an issue.  


#19:  Highjacked (BO2)

People seem to have mixed feelings about this map on Black Ops 2; they either love it or they hate it.  I have liked it from the first time I played it because it's small, the call outs are easy to learn, and once again, it's very symmetrical.  Set those scorestreak rewards to choppers, escort drones, and sentry guns and you will be set.  Just don't forget to equip Engineer!  This map gets very claymore/bouncing betty/shock charge heavy.

#18:  Hardhat (MW3)

This map is awesome for playing Infected, as well as Kill Confirmed.  Initial spawn points did make a slight difference in how the game played out because people tend to favor the pallet stacks in the corner of the map and the middle room.  This map would have been higher up on the list if it didn't have that wretched tunnel that endorsed camping.

#17:  Carnival (MW2 DLC)

A big reason of why I love this map so much is because of the visual aspect of it.  It's just really cool and fun to play on!  I love maps that are normal public places that have been destroyed and turned into a battle zone.  Carnival is one of those maps that favored all types of players because it had good sniping points and tight corners.  The call outs were great on this as well because the landmarks were very obvious and the layout was easy to learn.  

#16:  Summit (BO)

I did not include Uplink from Black Ops 2 along with this because the rain pisses me off and people have learned to camp more on it.  Summit is awesome, especially for a snow map.  There is always a fight for the main building so beware of the many grenades and inevitable noob tubes.

#15:  Rush (BO2 DLC)

This map is just full of awesome.  I tend to run around on it using only a B23R and I simply dominate.  The room with the (bulletproof) inflatables gets campy pretty quick, but I've learned to avoid is as much as possible.  It's a fairly small map so navigating it is simple.  This is another map that is great for equipping aircraft for scorestreak rewards.

#14:  Sub Pens (WaW DLC)

This World at War map was dark, dreary, and even a little creepy but it was tons of fun.  The missile room seemed to be the place to be!   

#13:  Standoff (BO2)

This is a very popular map on Black Ops 2 and hardly ever gets voted against in the game.  This map is great for all types of players, which unfortunately includes campers.  If they would just get rid of those pesky cardboard box pallets on either side of the market/long building with red shutters, then this map would have definitely been in the top 10.  Headhunters suck, but this map does not, by far.

#12:  Mission (BO)

This map is the one that encouraged me to pick up a sniper rifle for the first time and try out my skills in sniping, which I fared pretty well in.  This was always a favorite map with the group of people I played with because we had tag runners and we had snipers that worked very well together.

#11:  Sub Base (MW2)

This is one of the very few snow maps on this list because frankly, most snow maps suck (take Downhill and Array for example).  This map was fun because it was easy to flank people.  People tended to stay inside the mainframe room but you could surprise them with climbing up on the roof, tossing grenades through the many windows, or by rushing them up the stairs. 

#10:  Slums (BO2)

Like Standoff, this map hardly gets voted against in Black Ops 2.  This is a smaller map that has great visual aids and landmarks for call outs.  The only thing that is annoying is that there are a few famous corners that people camp in (the cemetery, the blue electronics shop, the garage) and that people like to hold onto the top spawn point.  Other than that it's a fantastic map.

#9:  Station (WaW DLC)

This map was really fun in World at War.  It was pretty symmetrical with two sets of staircases on either end of the map and crashed train right down the center.  The rooms to the right and left of the train had plenty of tight corners for awesome close quarters combat.

#8:  Grid (BO)

Definitely one of the best maps in the first installment of Black Ops, Grid was always fun to play.  There were two buildings to fight for, but they could be infiltrated by climbing in through a window or tossing a grenade or C4.  I hope they decide to remake this map in a future CoD game because I really miss it!

#7:  Pod (BO2 DLC)

I may be very alone in putting Pod in the top 10 of my list because people seem to hate it.  I think it's fantastic!  The call outs are a little questionable at times but I love the layout and look of the map.  I like the deserted, destroyed residential area and its rustic look.  It's a smaller map so running and gunning is definitely favored here. 

#6:  Trailer Park (MW2 DLC)

This map did not remind me of home (thankfully) but it definitely seemed familiar since I am from NC.  The crusty trailer park was a great place to create a battlefield and it was always really fun to play.  It is a smaller map so there weren't many great places to snipe from.  Call outs were pretty easy to learn since most of the trailers had a distinct color.  Definitely one of the best DLC maps out there.

#5:  Nuketown/Nuketown 2025 (BO/BO2)

Nuketown will always be "that map".  It hardly ever gets passed on when voting for it and is always a crowd favorite.  I've always loved Nuketown so I love the fact that they brought it back for Black Ops 2.  Yes, the spawn points can be horrendous at times and the random grenades are highly irritating, but let's be honest:  even if you say you hate Nuketown, you like something about it (even if these feelings might be hidden deep inside you).  And the fact that they have Nuketown 24/7 specialty playlists proves that this will always be a favorite CoD map.

#4:  Favela (MW2)

This map was really cool because you could run across rooftops, blow up a ton of vehicles, and make your way through the maze of a small shanty town.  I absolutely loved this map on Modern Warfare 2!

#3:  Scrapyard (MW2)

The fact that they turned this map into a real life paintball area a few years ago should speak for how great it is.  Scrapyard is another one of those maps that favored all types of game play.  There are a few buildings that you could snipe from, lots of close quarters to run through like a truck, and fairly simple call outs.  Love it.

#2:  Firing Range/Studio (BO/BO2 DLC)

When they announced that Firing Range was going to be recreated into Studio, I was super excited.  This was one of those maps on Black Ops that never got passed on.  My teammates and I always loved this map because we had excellent teamwork on it.  The call outs were great, the layout was fantastic, and the map as a whole is just full of awesome.  The only reason it didn't get the number one spot was because of that stupid tower that breeds camping.  And it's awful to play One in the Chamber in because split screeners tend to partner up and camp the tower together, making it annoying for everyone else in the game.  But overall, one of the best maps that Call of Duty will ever see.  

#1:  Dome (WaW)

There is nothing about this map that I don't like.  It's small, the call outs are easy to learn, the layout is visually stimulating, and the map is just plain fun to play on.  The action is always intense and there aren't too many corners to camp on.  And with the attack dogs being so much more vicious in this game as compared to the others you can rack up on a ridiculous amount of kills.  I would have loved to play Kill Confirmed on this map but unfortunately that game mode wasn't created yet.  I hope that they do decide to recreate this map in the future because I do miss it, so only time will tell if I will be able to play it in a reimagined re-release one day.