Alright y'all.  If you keep up with my blog you know that I like to review all things Call of Duty.  Well I know Ghosts has been out for almost a couple of months now and I am finally taking the time to share my opinions about it.  Woo hoo!

So now that I've had enough game play to actually formulate an opinion of the game, I do have to say that I enjoy it.  I did have to change my style of play (a lot) because I usually rush and run around, killing tons of people.  Now I tend to stay back, lay low, and snipe with a Marksman rifle.  These rifles are a new category of weapons to choose from and they're pretty sweet.  They're hybrids of assault rifles and sniper rifles.  I am in love with the IA-2, equipping a hybrid thermal scope and a silencer.  I've been getting a ton of kills using this rifle, but the only downside is that I don't collect as many tags in Kill Confirmed as I normally do.  But when I weighed the odds, I preferred my k/d ratio to be higher than my tag count.  I was running below a 1.0 and that is just not kosher!

One of the biggest complaints about the game is the fact that the spawning system is probably the worst I've seen since Halo 2.  These maps are why am I continuously getting spawn killed?  I swear these maps have only 3 spawn points each and it's getting ridiculous.  And the fact that the game is spawning me in front of the guy that just killed me is completely jacked up.  Jesse even got spawn killed from the guy that had previously killed him that just hadn't stopped shooting yet!  That's ridiculous and needs to get fixed ASAP.  I am still currently playing the game on Xbox 360, so I don't know if there have been patches on Xbox One to fix this or not.  Either way, it sucks!

Patches.  I like the patches a lot because I think they look cool and there are a ton to choose from.  However, I do not like the fact that patches cannot be earned unless the operations to unlock them are open.  There are operations that stay active for an extended period of time that players can complete, and they involve various things such as getting a certain amount of kills with certain weapons, attachments, perks, or killstreak rewards.  Unlike the custom icons players can create in Black Ops and Black Ops 2, you have the patches to use as your customization, along with the backgrounds for your player cards.  I have not been impressed with the backgrounds because there aren't too many options to choose from, and most of them can be unlocked by doing simple tasks (like purchasing a certain number of squad members) so they are very common.

Something else that annoys me that may not bother other people is the fact that they moved the kill feed from the bottom left hand side of the screen to the top right.  I actually look at the feed a lot, because I typically keep track of teammates that are near me so if I notice they die on my feed, I can be more alert since a killer is in my area.  I am used to looking at the top right side of the screen now, but initially it was a huge pain in the ass.  But when a friend of mine signs onto Xbox Live, it shows up on the top right hand side of my screen, blocking my feed.  It's a small thing, but it's really annoying.  I also rely on the feed a lot because I have a hard time figuring out if I killed someone or not.  In the previous CoD games, it was very obvious when you got a kill but on this one, it's really hard to tell, especially when you're sniping and making long shots.  They did fill in the bottom left hand side of the screen with the score, which is a first in Hardcore game modes.  I do like that because it prevents me from pushing the "back" button to check the score constantly.

Now we can discuss the maps.  Overall, I don't hate the maps.  There are only a few that I particularly like (Strikezone, Warhawk, Prison Break), and a few that I absolutely hate (Chasm, Flooded, Siege).  They are a lot larger than the past few CoD games so that took some getting used to, especially since I was so used to running around like a crazy person rather than taking my time to check corners and look for snipers.  Visually the maps are pretty cool.  There are a few good sniping spots that I have found that can produce a ton of kills.  A lot of the maps also have interactive features, such as walls and structures that can fall apart and break if an explosion destroys it.  On Tremor, there are random small earthquakes that occur from time to time (which I can't stand because it gives me motion sickness for the few seconds).  On Stormfront, it is raining and you can see rain drops on your screen like it's really hitting your face.  It's those little features that make the game interesting.  And on a few maps, there are a few specialized care packages that only show up on those maps.  Warhawk has a mortar strike, Soverign has a sabotage kill steak, and Strikezone has a K.E.M. Strike (the same on that can be obtained with a 25 kill streak) that is really awesome because it changes the entire look of the map once it is set off.  This also happens on the downloadable bonus map, Free Fall (which I have not played yet because it is not in Hardcore rotation.

Overall I enjoy playing Ghosts, even though it's far from being my favorite Call of Duty game.  I did have a lot of friends that played it and hated it, and then I have those that think this is the best one yet.  Here is what a couple of my friends had to say about the game: 

  • Hazletonfuelie on Xbox - Maps are the best to date, multiples lanes and entries. Search and rescue brings a whole new aspect to the regular search, great play mode. This CoD is near the top of my list. I just miss the pings of the head shots 
  • DETHMACHEEN on Xbox - I love it! The size & realism of the maps cuts down on the predictability of the enemy & prevents them from pinpointing the location of snipers quickly. I also haven't noticed my crappy connection impacting my KDR nearly as much. Which is a massive plus for those of us who live in the sticks.
  • lickinchicken25 on Xbox- I like it. The game itself can be annoying but I keep at it because I enjoy the people I play with. I wish they would go back through the old ones and pick the best things from those and make the next one AWESOME!
  • xX MeTa4 Xx on Xbox- I like it so far but most of the time when I get on it is because some of the people I like to play with are online...also liking the Clan War concept but needs better execution...and not really digging the ranking system.
  • Bkgotcha2 on PSN - Played it exclusively the first month it was out, haven't really played since, multiplayer is the same ole same ole, single player had a decent story, extinction is lots of fun and can't wait for the dlc for it. I just don't feel the need to play call of duty anymore. Since I've been in school for game development I have a better understanding of the ins and outs of games and truthfully I'm baffled at activision for not bringing anything fresh to the table. They sell the game based on its name not the quality. The end of the Call of Duty era is near. Solid 6/10.
  • Wrangler51 on Xbox - As always COD is a love/hate relationship. God must love campers because he made so many of them and they've all settled down in every corner of ghosts. Kill confirmed or deathmatch, doesn't make any difference, they camp every damn corner. I know, get with the program and stay put yourself. Only i'm an ADHD child and it's just not my nature. Oh and every time I try I end up getting shot in the ass. I've got shot in the ass so much, I'm starting to like it.

I am sure I missed something but there is just so much to review since this game feels completely different from the others.  People have complained that every other Call of Duty game felt identical to the previous ones; now there are people complaining that this one is too different from the others and they don't like it.  Sometimes there is just no pleasing people but their opinions don't really matter to me because I am ultimately the one deciding whether or not I will be playing a game.  What do you guys think of the latest Call of Duty experience?

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