First Giveaway for Extra Life Donors


First Giveaway for Extra Life Donors

Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that I've obtained my first set of items to raffle off for Extra Life donors. I know it's only March and the event isn't until November, but I have two awesome tickets to see John Lithgow in Greenville, NC on April 18. He is putting on a one man show called Stories By Heart.

Expect nothing less than a legendary performance by a Tony,® Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award-winning actor. 

John Lithgow offers a touching and humorous reflection of storytelling as the tie that binds humanity. He invokes memories of his grandmother and father by interspersing his story with two great works that were read to him when he was a child: “Uncle Fred Flits By” by P.G. Wodehouse and “Haircut” by Ring Lardner. In the first, a fretful young Englishman is taken on a wild afternoon escapade in suburban London by his irrepressible uncle. In a hilarious tour de force, Lithgow performs with zany abandon, portraying ten distinct, outrageous characters (including a parrot). By contrast, “Haircut” is a darkly comic look at Midwestern American implacability. It is a captivating yarn told by a gossipy barber in small-town Michigan as he gives a shave and a haircut to a stranger. Stories by Heart provides ample evidence of the power of storytelling, the magic of theatre and the talents of one of our greatest actors.

Now you might be asking, "How do I win these amazingly awesome tickets to this super awesome show?"  Well, I want to host a mini auction for the tickets.  Here are the rules:

  • You must visit my fundraising website at 

  • You must make a donation by clicking on the blue "support me" button.

  • Donations can be any whole amount (pennies and dimes get messy!).

  • The minimum starting bid will be $5.

  • Make sure the donation is public so everyone can see who the highest "bidder" is.

  • Be sure to add a comment referencing the auction so I can keep track of who is bidding on the tickets.

  • The "auction" will run from now until Friday, April 17 at 12:00 Noon, Eastern time.

  • If you make a donation and want to donate more in order to "outbid" another person, I will add up all of your total donations.  For instance, if you donate $5 and someone else bids $10, you can donate $6 more in order to become the top bidder at $11.

That's it!  The person that has donated the highest amount of money at the end of the "auction" will be mailed two tickets to see John Lithgow: Stories by Heart. Extra Life is a huge 24 hour gaming marathon that I participate in every year and all money raised benefits my local Children's Miracle Network hospital at Vidant, right here in Greenville. All donations are also tax deductible. These tickets are valued at $65 each for a total of $130 plus fees.  Make a's for the kids, and you may just get something nice for yourself!

Please also visit ECU Arts if you're interested in purchasing additional ticket and to view seating charts.


Dying Light


Dying Light

Even though I've played a ton of video games all my life, it's a rare thing when I actually develop an obsession with a game. Call of Duty is my "go to" game that I spend most of my time on, but every now and then I dabble around in other games. I tried getting into Assassin's Creed: Unity and The Evil Within recently, but they just didn't do it for me. I blame it on the fact that they are third person shooter games, and I definitely prefer first person perspectives. However, I have found a new obsession with the new zombie slaying game with a Parkour aspect: Dying Light. If you liked Dead Island, then you will love this game.

This game takes place in a quarantined city called Harran where a mutated form of the rabies virus has taken over the citizens. Your character, Kyle Crane, is a GRE agent looking for a rogue agent with a secret file. As you drop into the city, you are bitten by a zombie but quickly taken to safety where you meet a group of survivors depending on your help to get them through this epidemic. Antizin is a drug given by the GRE via air drop to suppress the virus from spreading in those infected by a bite, which is vital for the survival of the remaining citizens until a real cure is found. 

Throughout your time in Harran, there is a lot to do. There are tons of side quests, challenges (running, Parkour, escaping, etc), boxes to rummage through, and items to collect (weapons, blueprints, journals, notes, voicemail recordings, flags, zombie statues, and crafting items). Plus there are huge amounts of zombies and human enemies to take on all over the place. There are also a few Easter eggs in the game that take you to places reminiscent of Super Mario World, Plants vs Zombies, and Destiny. And one of my favorite features of the game is the fact that it's co-op. You can have up to four people in one game playing together once you get past the introduction. I've played most of the game with my boyfriend and it is a lot more fun when you have others keeping you company in Harran. They also have the ability to revive you if you get downed by a horde of infected. However, you do all have to be at the same place to begin and end a mission, and you also have to finish the last mission on your own without assistance.

Another fun feature about this game is that there is a clock that is always running, so you play during the day and the night. Be careful while playing at night though, because there are quicker, more violent zombies lurking around every corner waiting to feast on your flesh. The volatiles are much scarier looking than the day walkers, and they are also much quicker and more aggressive. You can try to sneak around Harran to avoid them, or you can take them on if you have a decent weapon. Once you start running around the city at night you get more used to it, even though it can be a little terrifying at first. You do earn double agility and survivor points at night to upgrade your skill tree, which is a huge plus. You also have the option to sleep through the night, but there are a few missions that require you to go out at night. Just make sure to open up as many safe houses as you can because the infected can't enter those zones, and you'll be safe for the time being. Safe houses also give you access to beds and storage for when your inventory is full.

I've spent a lot of time on this game. So far I have 79 hours logged for Dying Light and 48 out of 50 Xbox achievements unlocked. It should actually be 49 out of 50 achievements completed, but the big one worth 100 points, The Whole Story, is glitched. This achievement requires you to complete all side quests to unlock (there are 51 in total). I've done this and the achievement won't pop for me. It's very irritating because I have spent a lot of time completing those side quests and I don't even get credit for the achievement. After doing some research about this online, it looks like there was a patch to fix it but it doesn't fit it for all players. My achievement progress is still stuck at 97%, which is an issue for most people in the game. Some have gotten it to unlock, so I am hoping this issue gets resolved soon so I can "complete" the game. Apparently there is a side quest that was originally broken up into two different side quests, but the developers combined them into one but did not change the coding in the game.

Overall, I think the game is amazing. Even though I have finished my story line and all of the challenges and side quests, I also have the option to join up with friends in their games or random online games to help other players progress through their stories. I'm still working to find all 100 zombie statues and 30 flags (which I currently have 35 and 29 respectively) so that should keep me occupied in my own game for a bit. There is also an option to become a zombie and hop into random online games. Dying Light has its glitches, but it's filled with a decent story line, terrifying zombie chases, fun things to climb on (especially after you get the grappling hook), and a lot of ways to enjoy multiple aspects of the game.



Dead Island: GlitchTide

I was a huge fan of the first installment of Dead Island. I finally got around to playing its follow up game, RipTide. I enjoyed the game just as much as the first, but one thing I noticed was how glitchy the game was. Apparently this is a common thing for Deep Silver games, so I guess I should not have been surprised.

I decided to start this game by using Sam B, the one hit wonder rapper. I used Purna in the first game because she was the firearms expert, but I didn't even get access to a gun until over halfway through the first game. I chose Sam B because he was the blunt weapons expert, and that's what I remember using the most of in the first Dead Island. What I did not expect was to have a guy join in my game session in chapter 2 and offer me a modded pistol. I'm not a modded gamer and I don't plan on dabbling into that industry either. I did, however, appreciate this pistol because it made Sam's life so much easier. Yeah, it was probably a bitch way of finishing the game, but with the amount of running around I did on that game to find all of the audio diaries, journal entries, post cards, secret files, and island guides I found it necessary. Having to deal with hordes of screaming infected running toward you at a constant rate got exhausting, so being able to spray them with a machine pistol with unlimited ammo was a blessing. After hours of searching, running, wading, driving, and boating around the maps, I found all of my collectables and got the Hoarder achievement done.

Another achievement I was trying to complete was the Hunter-Seeker achievement worth 90G. This required you to kill all named champion monsters located in Dead Zones. A buddy and I went through all of the Dead Zones and killed every single one of these monsters, but the game didn't credit me with the achievement. I went back through my completed missions and realized that it was only showing 12 out of 13 done. I did some research online and found out that one of the zombies I had killed early on in the game wasn't showing. The problem with this is that he was a part of the main story line, so there was no chance of him respawning back into the game for me to kill him again. I was so irritated by this because I had spent so much time traveling around killing all of the other boss zombies for pretty much nothing. I read online that there were many other people having the same issue as myself. Someone suggested joining in with someone's game on Xbox Live that was in chapter 2 where you kill Joe the "Ogre," but that didn't work for me either. Another person said they had to redo the entire campaign and I sure as hell wasn't about to do that again, so I just gave up on it.

One thing I also spent a lot of time on was making sure I completed every side mission and quest in the game. This would have given me the "Achiever" achievement worth 100G. But of course the game was glitched and since I didn't kill Joe earlier (according to the game), I didn't get this achievement because I only had 12 Dead Zone bosses killed. FML.

There were also a few glitchy things that occurred during gameplay, such as losing weapons from my inventory and not being able to fast travel like I usually could. I even had some crazy blurry vision in one part of the game which made it hard to see where I was going. Despite the issues I encountered, I enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun killing the undead. 



The Walking Dead: Season 1

I finally managed to venture outside of the Call of Duty world and picked up a copy of The Walking Dead game on Xbox 360. And let me tell you...I fell in love with it quickly. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on TV and I have a weird obsession with zombies so I knew this game would be something I would enjoy, even though I was initially a little hesitant about the whole point and click aspect of the game. The game is comprised of five episodes and a bonus episode. Originally each episode was released individually to download but you can buy the disc at Gamestop for less than $20.

You play the character of Lee, a man on his way to prison when all hell breaks loose with the infection. You end up finding Clementine, a little eight year old girl that tags along for the ride since her parents are in Savannah. If you haven't played this gem by Telltale Games, the story line slightly changes depending on the decisions you make throughout the game. A lot of the decisions don't make a huge difference, such as what you say to specific people or which items you give to your companions, but there are some really tough decisions you have to make from time to time, such as deciding between to individuals to save and whether or not to cut off body parts. However, the small decisions to come into play because they affect the relationships you form with people and can alter the amount of trust between individuals.

At the end of every episode the game gives you a recap of the decisions you made and compares them to other people that have played the game. I took pictures of my gameplay stats to share on here. If you haven't played this game yet and plan to, I would probably stop reading this now in order to avoid any spoilers. 

Episode 1: The decisions in the first episode weren't too hard to make. There was a little hesitation in deciding between saving Shawn or Duck, but I went with Shawn since he saved me earlier and I felt like I owed it to him. Plus Duck seemed to be more of a hassle to deal with than Shawn, even though he was a kid. I also chose Carley over Doug because I felt like she would be more of an asset to the group since she was a good shot and the individuals seemed to be lacking in the weapons department.

Episode 2: I had a hard time deciding whether or not to cut off David's leg. I knew he had a slim chance of surviving the makeshift amputation, but I felt bad just leaving him there. I was hoping for a Hershel type recovery but obviously that didn't work. Killing Larry was the smartest decision to make in that scenario because I really did not want to have to deal with a giant walker in a confined space, especially after dealing with those disgusting cannibals. And he was a douche so I didn't even feel that bad about it. Obviously the flesh eating brothers had to go in order to prevent them from ruining anyone else's lives. I chose not to steal from the station wagon because of Clem; I didn't want to disappoint her and I know if someone would have stolen from me, I would have been pissed. But then again, I wouldn't have left the car open and unattended like it was either.

Episode 3: I had no problem leaving Lilly behind because she killed off Carley, my favorite character in the game. That stupid wench had it coming, especially since she was a raging bitch for most of the game. I get that we killed her father, but sometimes you have to leave your personal feelings out of major decisions that affect the lives of others. I didn't shoot Duck because I felt like it was Kenny's responsibility to take care of his kid. I didn't realize that I was in the smaller group in making that decision. 

Episode 4: I thought bringing Clementine to Crawford was a stupid decision because there was no time for babysitting. She was like Carl half the time and never really stayed where you told her to, and I couldn't take that chance in Crawford. I also let Ben fall because he wasn't really an asset to the group, he was annoying, and he really screwed things up at the motel. He had to go.

Episode 5: It took me a while to decide whether or not to cut off my own arm. I was hoping it would slow down the turning process and buy me more time to find Clementine, even though it produced a giant handicap. And of course the hardest decision of the game was at the end, and for me, that was telling Clem to leave me and let me turn. I couldn't make her shoot me since she had already been through so much, especially since she just witnessed her parents as walkers. I was really emotional during this scene (stupid ovaries) and cried like a baby throughout the dialogue. 

400 Days: I chose Justin over Danny because I felt like he could offer more in the outside world in regards to a safe place to go and having more contacts to group up with. Afterwards I wish I had chosen Dannny. I lost paper, rock, scissors (as well as the achievement for it) so I was forced to go outside. Not much I could do about that. I also left Nate because he was an obnoxious tool that I didn't want to deal with anymore. I didn't lie to Leland because I thought it was pretty obvious that I had killed his wife. Bonnie didn't seem like a good liar so I didn't want to chance him calling me out for it. And I decided to kill Stephanie because she was trying to screw over the group. I did think about grabbing the keys and hauling ass out of that parking lot, but I didn't want to risk not having a safe place to go with the little sister in tow. 

My relationships with others

Who was with me until the end

Who went to the compound in 400 Days


I definitely plan to pick up Season 2 soon. And all of the decisions made in the first season do have an impact on the second season, so choose wisely my friends. 



Chromosomes and Controllers

I had the chance to write an article for the Extra Life website, which was an amazing opportunity! I discussed my experiences in being a female gamer, along with the negative, crazy, and off the wall reactions from fellow gamers. I enjoyed crafting every part of the article.  The feedback has been great, and the response to my words has been even greater.  

Check out my article on the Extra Life blog.  Happy reading!



Chromosomes and Controllers

I had the chance to write an article for the Extra Life website, which was an amazing opportunity! I discussed my experiences in being a female gamer, along with the negative, crazy, and off the wall reactions from fellow gamers. I enjoyed crafting every part of the article.  The feedback has been great, and the response to my words has been even greater.  

Check out my article on the Extra Life blog.  Happy reading!



Xbox One Sans Kinect

It was announced today that on June 9, a version of the Xbox One will be released without the built in Kinect.  The price will drop from $500 to $399 as well.  The initial intel on the Xbox One that was released almost a year ago stirred up some controversy, requiring mandatory stipulations such as the Kinect and an internet connection.  Microsoft has reversed some of those flaws, and with the removal of the attached Kinect this might encourage more sales.

Another feature that Xbox is correcting is allowing all Xbox owners to access apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus via their Xbox without having an Xbox Live Gold Membership, which is $60 annually.  This feature has always been free for Playstation owners, so with these tweaks and price decrease, the Xbox One and Playstation 4 may possibly be fighting on equal playing grounds in the retail battlefield.



Devastation Easter Egg

If you've played the new map pack on Ghosts, you might have come across a few egg hives like the ones in Extinction.  Just like the Easter egg hunt you did with the Onslaught map pack, there are four new locations to find eggs in Devastation to unlock extra XP in Extinction Mayday and 20 Xbox gamer points.

Ruins:  This hive is located near the C flag in Domination.  There is a tower in the corner of the map and the egg is attached to the ceiling of it.  It's easier to see it from the top of the stairs above the C flag over by the tunnel going toward the B flag.

Collision:  If you spawn on the C flag, run to the right.  Travel about half way across the map and look off the map at the bridge toward the C flag.  The hive is located at the bottom right of the bridge.  

Behemoth:  This hive is located in a similar place to Collision.  If you spawn at the C flag, run to the left hand side until you reach the small part of the pathway that juts out to the left.  Turn 180 degrees and look down.  The hive will be at the bottom of the excavation vehicle you're on.

Unearthed:  This one is the easiest to find.  Head inside the "dome" where the meteor is in the middle of the map.  There is a broken part of the cylinder circling the meteor, closer to the A flag door.  Look down and to the left and you should see it without an issue.



There you have it!  Good luck finding the eggs.  And don't forget to destroy the first hive in Extinction Mayday in order to unlock the achievement and egg-stra XP in the game mode.  




Alright folks!  It's that time again: time to review the newest Call of Duty Ghosts map pack.  This time we have Devastation, and included are four new multiplayer maps, a new Extinction map, and a brand new gun.  


This map is a smaller map that takes place in a Mayan civilization taken over by the jungle.  There is a volcano in the background that can be activated by completing a set of field orders.  There is a large temple in the middle of the map that is favored by a lot of players because it has good vantage points, and it's easy to camp in.  There are a few underground tunnels to travel through as well.  The map is fun, and there are many references to the Predator movies.  You can even become the Predator with a special care package, which is really fun to play as.  You even get a shoulder cannon to kill enemies with, along with the ability to turn invisible.  The best part is that once you are killed by the enemy, the Predator sets off a K.E.M. strike and the entire enemy team dies.  This is great for Team Deathmatch.  And the first time I came across the Predator I screamed like a little girl.  It gets creepy because when the Predator is lurking around, he makes sounds that can give you nightmares.  




This map takes places on a large excavation vehicle in Columbia, South America.  This map is a long and narrow map, and it does provide a "crappy" spawn side in some game modes, especially Domination.  There is also a special care package just for this map which is reminiscent of a chopper gunner from Black Ops.  It's a little hard to control, but you can shoot through ceilings and kill the enemies hiding below.  People that spawn on the C flag side of the map also like to camp the windows at the end of the map.  This gets annoying, but there is a stairwell in the middle of the map in the engine room where the B flag is you can use in order to attempt to flank them.  The map isn't my favorite, but if you have a good team you can make it work to your advantage.




This map is located in New York.  Apparently a cargo ship has crashed into a large bridge, causing all types of chaos.  There are lots of storage containers to climb on and into, and you can also go below deck.  There is a map specific care package that contains an A-10 Warthog strafe as well.  However, this care package is the worst of the new ones because it is really hard to get kills and you only get two strafes.  This map is fun, and Domination is always interesting because the B flag is on the raised area in the middle of the map, making it hard to control on a consistent basis.  Search and Rescue is fun on this map as well.  Overall I like the map.




If you played Modern Warfare 3, you will probably recognize this map.  It's a remake of Dome, one of the most popular maps from the game.  This map takes place at an alien dig site.  This is a small map great for grenade and thermobaric tossing.  The special care package you can get by completing field orders is a trio of Seekers, which are creepy aliens that headhunt for you.  I call them little piggies because they make a weird squealing noise when activated.  Just be aware of when you use your care package though because the Seekers cannot be activated if there are too many teammates around you.  There is also a crane that you can use to travel above the map for a temporary aerial view.  You have to destroy three cable supports with explosives in order to drop the carriage down.  There is also a Venom-X in the carriage, which was originally introduced in the Extinction game mode.  I think it's a great map for all game modes.



The Ripper

I absolutely love this gun.  The ripper is an SMG/Assault Rifle combo and allows you to switch between the two modes with different sights.  You have the ability to switch gun modes in an instant with the touch of a button.  I prefer to use the SMG style of shooting with the iron sights.  I run it with a foregrip and a muzzle break, creating a nice sense of control while shooting.  This gun was released to Season Pass holders early, so I was able to master it before it was released to everyone else that purchased the map pack.   

The map pack is great, but one of the biggest annoyances is that the previous map pack, Onslaught, just got put into regular rotation with the original maps.  They did not do this until Devestation was released.  I wish the map packs would make it into general population sooner than later, because I do miss playing the older maps from time to time.  Playing the same four maps over and over again gets tiring, but I want to play the maps that I paid for.  And I used to hate the fact that for hardcore players we could only play the new maps in a mosh pit setting, but I've grown to like it because it breaks up the monotony of playing the same game mode on the same four maps.  I've even started to like Search and Rescue, believe it or not.  Overall the maps are good, but the Onslaught maps were better in my opinion.  I am excited to see what pop culture references are in the next installment of maps because playing as Michael Myers and the Predator is awesome.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you love them, hate them?  Don't care?  PSN and PC players will get to experience these new maps on May 8.  



This just happened.

I have been given a chance to write an article for the Extra Life community, and I am beyond excited!  I have a passion for writing and for gaming, so this is a perfect opportunity to share a part of my life with the world.  I can't wait to start this article!

Yay me!



Extra Life 2014 Giveaways

Last year for we were able to give away a PlayStation 3, $50 worth of Microsoft points, and a super cute handmade sterling silver necklace to three lucky winners!  What did these folks have in common?  They donated to Extra Life!

This year we want to give away even more items, and as of right now, I have a super sweet item that will be given to one lucky donor.  I have a Walking Dead calendar that has been signed by Jose Pablo Cantillo, who played Martinez on The Walking Dead!  On the calendar is his signature, "RIP Martinez," and "For the Kids."  How awesome is that?!

I am also giving away a really cool Breaking Bad beaker coffee mug signed by RJ Mitte himself, who played Walter Jr. on the show. 

If you are interested in being a part of the raffle for the calendar, please donate at least $5 to my Extra Life page.  Every $5 gives you an entry in both raffles.  Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win!  So it's a win-win situation: you're donating to help sick kids and you have a chance to win a unique, one of a kind Walking Dead or Breaking Bad prize. 

Below is a picture of the calendar and mug, and proof that the actors actually signed them :-)


Krys from Bibliopunkk has donated four awesome books to give away this year!  The book package includes the following titles:  The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith, Panic by Lauren Oliver (author of the Delirium series), The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress, and Sick by Tom Leveen.  Every donor will be entered into this raffle regardless of the donation amount.  Please check out Krys's book blog to thank her for being such a fantastic donor!

Once I gather more items to raffle off I will update this page, so keep an eye on it.  And don't forget to spread the word to help out this amazing cause!  I raised over $1000 last year and I want to top that in 2014.  I can't do it alone!  I need your help, so please consider donating.  It's for the kids, y'all!



Onslaught Easter Egg

I'm sure most of the die hards have already figured out this Easter Egg, but here's a breakdown of what it is, the things you need to find, where to find them, and what to do next.  Please keep in mind that this needs to be done during online multiplayer games and not in private matches. 

In this month's DLC, a neat Easter Egg activity was included in the multiplayer maps that also link to the new Extinction map.  On each of the four maps (Fog, BayView, Ignition, and Containment) there is a set of alien eggs that you need to find.  When you find the eggs, you will need to shoot them (just one bullet will be enough) in order to signify that you found the eggs.  Here are the locations of the Extinction eggs on each map:


  • Fog:  If you go into the cave, go up to the big hole where the bats fly out of.  Go to the ride side of the hole where the log is, and look into the hole.  The eggs look a little dark but you should be able to see them fine across from you.
  • BayView:  If you are near the A flag on Domination, go to the closest corner of the map that faces the water.  There is a dock outside of the map (if you're facing the lighthouse from the front, you will need to turn 90 degrees to your left and run to that corner).  You should be able to see the hive underneath the dock.  I found that it is easier to see if you crouch.
  • Ignition:  This hive was the easiest to spot.  Head down to the tunnel that runs under the map and you will see the eggs on the side of the wall.
  • Containment:  This hive is located behind the Ghosts original spawn (not the church spawn, but the opposite side across the bridge).  There is a building behind you that you can access by either going up the stairs or by pushing the green dumpster underneath the ladder on the side of the building.  Once you are looking out the side window, look at the rooftop across from you to the left.  You should see the eggs on top of the roof.


Once you have spotted a hive location and put a bullet or two into them, a notification will show up on the left hand side of your screen acknowledging that you found an egg.  Once you have completed all four, start up a game of Extinction on the new map.  Once you destory the first hive you should unlock the achievement and an extra 2000xp bonus in Extinction.

Check out the video below for the locations.  Happy hunting!




Call of Duty: Ghosts finally released the first DLC map pack since the game has been out.  Unfortunately, I was at a conference the week it was released so I wasn't able to play it until the following weekend.  Even though that was a total bummer, it was worth the wait because I think the map pack is fantastic.  Onslaught includes four new multiplayer maps, a new Extinction map, and two new weapons.

For starters, I think all four maps are very well done.  Two out of the four are fairly small and great for running and gunning, which I have greatly missed in the game since a majority of the original maps are larger.  The third map is a larger map that holds many sniping points but can also be taken on by bold runners.  And finally, the last map is a remake of one of the best Call of Duty maps to ever exist, Scrapyard.  I like how there are interactive aspects to every map, making them unique and fun.


The first new map I was able to play on was Fog.  This is one of the smaller maps that is great for running and gunning.  There are also benefits to setting up a sniping class for this map because there are a tons of places that are great for hiding someone with a ghillie suit.  It's a dark map, so I recommend a thermal scope if you aren't running around like a chicken with their head cut off.  I prefer to run around this map with a Vector because there are a ton of tight turns and situations that are strictly close quarters.  There are a couple of places that can be breached to create secret passageways, and a number of routes to take when moving from the house over to the swamp.  People do like to camp on this map because the swamp and the area near the broken bridge provides a lot of cover and camouflage, but that is to be expected.  I am a huge fan of this map because I am a horror fan, and this setting is reminiscent of Friday the 13th and Evil Dead.  And watch out for Michael Myers...he may be right around the corner from you.  If you complete your field orders you could get a care package dropped containing a manaic, Michael Myers style.  I don't understand why he runs around with an ax rather than a knife (like in most of the Halloween movies), or why Michael Myers is even relevent to the map's setting, but it's still fun to watch.  I still haven't had a chance to be Mike yet, but hopefully I will get to try it out soon.  It's a fun, campy map (in more ways than one) and playing Domination on it is a must.  Just remember to hold down point B!


This map takes place on a seaside pier filled with restaurants, shops, an aquarium, and even a working trolley car.  This is another one of the smaller maps included in the DLC and I highly enjoy it.  All game modes are fun on this map, and as much as it pains me to say it, even Search and Rescue can be fun on it.  There is a lighthouse on one end of the map that gives players a great view of the entire map, so always be prepared to be sniped while you're out and about.  There are also a couple of other higher vantage points that make it exciting to capture points in Domination.  There is a chance to get mortar fire from an artillery strike from a naval ship off the coast in a lucky care package, so make sure your teammates are indoors when you set fire to the map.  


This is probably the largest map out of the new content.  Containment is home to Spanish bars, a church, and a large bridge in the middle of the map.  I prefer to snipe on this map because it is very easy to get picked off while running since there are a number of good vantage points to lay low in.  There are also a couple of places to breach and in the pool hall the ceiling can crumble down on top of you, so watch out.  If you go near the large bridge, a large radioactive device jams your radar while you remain in the area.  And like BayView, there is a chance to get a mortar strike in a care package.  Once you hear the church bells start ringing, get away from the bridge to avoid blowing up with the truck on top.


And finally, we have Ignition.  This map is a remake of the Modern Warfare 2 favorite, Scrapyard.  This map is not a bigger version, and honestly I'm not sure if I like it better than Scrapyard.  What's cool about it though is that this map has more unique aspects than the original.  For instance, there is a large digital clock over near the A capture point.  Once the countdown hits zero, watch out for the debris coming down from a rocket in the background.  It will ignite and lift off its launch pad, but when it gets a up in the air, it will be hit by a kinetic rod and explode.  The pieces fall down and land near the tunnels, creating a longer covered path.  This can squish you, so be aware of what's above you.  You can also fire up an engine by interacting with a button in the lab, killing any players that are standing in its path.  There is also a care package that contains an F1 Engine Fire test.  This activates the engine in the middle of the map and kills anyone underneath it.  

The Maverick

After Black Ops 2 released the Peacekeeper as a part of their DLC, I was hopeful to have another new gun introduced into this game as well.  There are two versions of the Maverick, one assault rifle and one sniper rifle.  The assault rifle produces heavy damage and I love the iron sights on the gun.  I have been using this gun a lot recently, but it's no Peacekeeper.  It's a great assault rifle to use on a running class if you don't want to use an SMG, but I recommend using a muzzle break to help with the recoil.  The Maverick A-2 has a moderate recoil while sniping, but it is already equipped with a tracker scope.  I have not used this gun yet so I cannot provide much more information about it.  I'm a bigger fan of the marksman rifles for sniping as opposed to the sniper rifles.  

Unfortunately, I don't have a review for Extinction because I only played it for about five minutes to complete the Easter Egg.  Sorry folks!  But I will walk you through how to complete the Easter Egg from the DLC maps here.

How do you like the maps?  Do you love them, hate them, or don't give a crap?  I want to know!


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This is what you get!

I was going through my phone and came across these gems.  A couple of months ago I had a guy on Xbox Live send me a message with his PHONE NUMBER in it, telling me to text him some time.  He did not say one word to me in the Black Ops 2 game I was playing and I had no clue who he was.  One of my friends decided to text him and here are the hilarious messages.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!  Thanks Chris :-)

I don't know who you are guy, but get real.  You deserved to get all types of hilarious messages sent to you for giving your phone number out to a complete stranger!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  The PUNI crew hopes everyone has a fantastic year filled with laughs, love, friendship, and of course video games!

Does anyone have any new year's resolutions?


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Call of Duty: Ghosts Review (finally!)

Alright y'all.  If you keep up with my blog you know that I like to review all things Call of Duty.  Well I know Ghosts has been out for almost a couple of months now and I am finally taking the time to share my opinions about it.  Woo hoo!

So now that I've had enough game play to actually formulate an opinion of the game, I do have to say that I enjoy it.  I did have to change my style of play (a lot) because I usually rush and run around, killing tons of people.  Now I tend to stay back, lay low, and snipe with a Marksman rifle.  These rifles are a new category of weapons to choose from and they're pretty sweet.  They're hybrids of assault rifles and sniper rifles.  I am in love with the IA-2, equipping a hybrid thermal scope and a silencer.  I've been getting a ton of kills using this rifle, but the only downside is that I don't collect as many tags in Kill Confirmed as I normally do.  But when I weighed the odds, I preferred my k/d ratio to be higher than my tag count.  I was running below a 1.0 and that is just not kosher!

One of the biggest complaints about the game is the fact that the spawning system is probably the worst I've seen since Halo 2.  These maps are why am I continuously getting spawn killed?  I swear these maps have only 3 spawn points each and it's getting ridiculous.  And the fact that the game is spawning me in front of the guy that just killed me is completely jacked up.  Jesse even got spawn killed from the guy that had previously killed him that just hadn't stopped shooting yet!  That's ridiculous and needs to get fixed ASAP.  I am still currently playing the game on Xbox 360, so I don't know if there have been patches on Xbox One to fix this or not.  Either way, it sucks!

Patches.  I like the patches a lot because I think they look cool and there are a ton to choose from.  However, I do not like the fact that patches cannot be earned unless the operations to unlock them are open.  There are operations that stay active for an extended period of time that players can complete, and they involve various things such as getting a certain amount of kills with certain weapons, attachments, perks, or killstreak rewards.  Unlike the custom icons players can create in Black Ops and Black Ops 2, you have the patches to use as your customization, along with the backgrounds for your player cards.  I have not been impressed with the backgrounds because there aren't too many options to choose from, and most of them can be unlocked by doing simple tasks (like purchasing a certain number of squad members) so they are very common.

Something else that annoys me that may not bother other people is the fact that they moved the kill feed from the bottom left hand side of the screen to the top right.  I actually look at the feed a lot, because I typically keep track of teammates that are near me so if I notice they die on my feed, I can be more alert since a killer is in my area.  I am used to looking at the top right side of the screen now, but initially it was a huge pain in the ass.  But when a friend of mine signs onto Xbox Live, it shows up on the top right hand side of my screen, blocking my feed.  It's a small thing, but it's really annoying.  I also rely on the feed a lot because I have a hard time figuring out if I killed someone or not.  In the previous CoD games, it was very obvious when you got a kill but on this one, it's really hard to tell, especially when you're sniping and making long shots.  They did fill in the bottom left hand side of the screen with the score, which is a first in Hardcore game modes.  I do like that because it prevents me from pushing the "back" button to check the score constantly.

Now we can discuss the maps.  Overall, I don't hate the maps.  There are only a few that I particularly like (Strikezone, Warhawk, Prison Break), and a few that I absolutely hate (Chasm, Flooded, Siege).  They are a lot larger than the past few CoD games so that took some getting used to, especially since I was so used to running around like a crazy person rather than taking my time to check corners and look for snipers.  Visually the maps are pretty cool.  There are a few good sniping spots that I have found that can produce a ton of kills.  A lot of the maps also have interactive features, such as walls and structures that can fall apart and break if an explosion destroys it.  On Tremor, there are random small earthquakes that occur from time to time (which I can't stand because it gives me motion sickness for the few seconds).  On Stormfront, it is raining and you can see rain drops on your screen like it's really hitting your face.  It's those little features that make the game interesting.  And on a few maps, there are a few specialized care packages that only show up on those maps.  Warhawk has a mortar strike, Soverign has a sabotage kill steak, and Strikezone has a K.E.M. Strike (the same on that can be obtained with a 25 kill streak) that is really awesome because it changes the entire look of the map once it is set off.  This also happens on the downloadable bonus map, Free Fall (which I have not played yet because it is not in Hardcore rotation.

Overall I enjoy playing Ghosts, even though it's far from being my favorite Call of Duty game.  I did have a lot of friends that played it and hated it, and then I have those that think this is the best one yet.  Here is what a couple of my friends had to say about the game: 

  • Hazletonfuelie on Xbox - Maps are the best to date, multiples lanes and entries. Search and rescue brings a whole new aspect to the regular search, great play mode. This CoD is near the top of my list. I just miss the pings of the head shots 
  • DETHMACHEEN on Xbox - I love it! The size & realism of the maps cuts down on the predictability of the enemy & prevents them from pinpointing the location of snipers quickly. I also haven't noticed my crappy connection impacting my KDR nearly as much. Which is a massive plus for those of us who live in the sticks.
  • lickinchicken25 on Xbox- I like it. The game itself can be annoying but I keep at it because I enjoy the people I play with. I wish they would go back through the old ones and pick the best things from those and make the next one AWESOME!
  • xX MeTa4 Xx on Xbox- I like it so far but most of the time when I get on it is because some of the people I like to play with are online...also liking the Clan War concept but needs better execution...and not really digging the ranking system.
  • Bkgotcha2 on PSN - Played it exclusively the first month it was out, haven't really played since, multiplayer is the same ole same ole, single player had a decent story, extinction is lots of fun and can't wait for the dlc for it. I just don't feel the need to play call of duty anymore. Since I've been in school for game development I have a better understanding of the ins and outs of games and truthfully I'm baffled at activision for not bringing anything fresh to the table. They sell the game based on its name not the quality. The end of the Call of Duty era is near. Solid 6/10.
  • Wrangler51 on Xbox - As always COD is a love/hate relationship. God must love campers because he made so many of them and they've all settled down in every corner of ghosts. Kill confirmed or deathmatch, doesn't make any difference, they camp every damn corner. I know, get with the program and stay put yourself. Only i'm an ADHD child and it's just not my nature. Oh and every time I try I end up getting shot in the ass. I've got shot in the ass so much, I'm starting to like it.

I am sure I missed something but there is just so much to review since this game feels completely different from the others.  People have complained that every other Call of Duty game felt identical to the previous ones; now there are people complaining that this one is too different from the others and they don't like it.  Sometimes there is just no pleasing people but their opinions don't really matter to me because I am ultimately the one deciding whether or not I will be playing a game.  What do you guys think of the latest Call of Duty experience?

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Hooray, Freebies!

I just wanted to post a quick congratulations to the winners of our Extra Life giveaways.  Those that donated to our group this year were automatically entered in to win a PlayStation 3, a handmade sterling silver necklace, and $50 worth of Microsoft points.

Thank you to everone that donated this year for your awesome support!  I hope that you guys enjoy your goodies!  I don't have a picture of the Microsoft point card since Tim was the one that purchased it but congrats to Justin Janak for winning it.

Here's Shawn handing over the PlayStation to Grant.  


Congrats to Louise for winning the necklace!  



Extra Life 2013

For those of you that don't know what the Extra Life gaming marathon is, in short it's a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  This is the third year that PUNI has participated in it and we have really outdone ourselves!  The event was on November 2 and before I get into my personal experience I want to give another big THANK YOU to all of the people that have helped out with the event.  I had a very impressive number of donations this year, over doubling what I raised last year!  My total at the end of the event was an astounding $1,040.  It was fantastic knowing that I raised so much money for my local children's hospital and that my friends were willing to give up some of their hard earned money to support the cause.  I also had a ton of people that would constantly promote the event by sharing my links on their social media pages, so thank you guys for that as well.  And finally, I want to thank all of the people that joined in on my game play and kept me company during the event.  You guys rock!


I started the event at 9am on November 2.  I didn't have a particular schedule or anything like that; I decided to play Black Ops 2 and was going to play until I got completely sick and tired of it.  Little did I know that I would end up playing the game for about 20 hours straight!  I had two friends sign on at 9:00 with me, and eventually I ended up with a full party of 6 for the longest time.  It was awesome.  I was killing it in Hardcore Kill Confirmed and I was having a ton of fun with so many friends there keeping me company.  

I kept trying to post updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show my friends that I was alive and kicking, even though I was exhausted.  I didn't start to feel tired until about 12 hours in, but I had plenty of energy drinks and caffeine to keep me running.  I think the last few hours were the absolute worst because all of my friends had gone to sleep and I was running on empty.  I decided to spend the last few hours comfy in the bed playing Plants Vs. Zombies 2 on my iPad.  Luckily that game is highly addicting and I managed to make it to the end with it.  Whew!

Even though I had some good luck with my gaming, there were a few bumps on the road.  Unfortunately, someone dark and evil decided to create multiple DDoS attacks on the Extra Life website, preventing people from donating to the cause.  What kind of person does that?  The money goes to help sick kids and these jerk offs were interrupting everyone's amazing fundraising.  I'm glad they finally got everything squared away after four attacks.

This event is something that I look forward to every year because I get to do what I love for a great cause.  I don't get many opportunities to donate to causes because of financial reasons so I work my ass off every year to raise funds and play my Xbox brains out for the kids.  I know I bugged the crap out of some of my friends and people on Facebook, so I appreciate y'all putting up with me and my multiple links, pictures, and shares.  Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for making this event phenomenal. 


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Lower 20 Call of Duty Maps

I took on the challenge of creating a list of my favorite Call of Duty maps last week, so it's only fitting to create a list of the WORST maps that I have ever seen in the game (World at War-Black Ops 2).  Some of these maps I absolutely refuse to play, and some of them I lay low and snipe because running and gunning does not work out in my favor due to the abundance of corner campers.  Check out the list below, and let me know what you think!  

#20:  Carrier (BO2)

I can't stand this map because it favors snipers and leaves rushers like me screwed.  Running out into the middle of the map is suicide, so I'm stuck wandering around the edges of the map in attempts to flank the snipers and their camping body guards.  It's easy for enemies to be camouflaged in the shadows and some of the rubble, so getting shot in the back is inevitable.

#19:  Cracked (BO)

I've never been a fan of maps that are locations for previous bomb sites.  When you have a ton of buildings that have been partially destroyed it breeds camping because there are tons of corners to camp in, dark shadows to lurk in, and lots of hidey holes for assholes to hide in.  Cracked is no different and I hated playing this map every time it came up.

#18:  Wasteland (MW2)

This map is just stupid.  There are trenches located in the middle of nowhere with a random shack and a cemetery.  All everyone did was either hide in the tunnel in the middle of the map or snipe on the outskirts.  The people that decided to run were screwed because they got picked off by snipers and had nowhere to go because the tunnel was taken over by campers.  It was also difficult to see because of the foggy haze the map had.  Like I said, stupid.

#17:  Downhill (BO2 DLC)

Some of the downloadable maps in Black Ops 2 were complete crap, and this is definitely one of them.  First of all, most snow maps suck.  Second, this one has a house, which invites camping.  I'm assuming that the bitches that camp in these types of maps think the houses resemble their mother's and are trying to find their basements.  This map wouldn't be so bad if the way people played on it was different, but always remember to check your corners and all of the windows.


#16:  Bakaara (MW3)

Ugh.  I have never liked this map.  There are a ton of buildings that people like to hide in, and a couple of them only have one way in so it is very easy for someone to camp the staircases.  This is also one of the annoying things about playing Infected on it.  Everyone would huddle inside one of the buildings and the infected would just have to get a lucky throwing knife kill or manage to make it through the masses of other infected and bullets.  There are also a few dark shadows that people like to hide in which adds to the annoying factor.

#15:  Roundhouse (WaW)

I think a lot of people forgot about this map and that is probably for the best.  This one is an oldie but definitely not a goodie.  Visually it is very rustic looking and somewhat appealing, and this larger map centered around deserted trains and the round building in the middle of the battlefield.  There are lots of grass and rubble to hide in, which makes it annoying for runners.  There are also a few broken down buildings that have those inevitable corners that you must check upon entering.

#14:  Crisis (BO)

You are screwed by the guy in the tower if you spawn on the beach, and you are screwed by the guy in the crow's nest if you spawn on the other side.  This map is awful because of the layout.  There are two crappy spawn points and a building and tunnel in the middle.  Enough said.

#13:  Drone (BO2)

This is one of those maps that I hate but I tend to do fairly well on.  People tend to fight for the hillside because it's a decent sniping point, but it can get annoying for runners like myself.  There are also a handful of buildings where campers like to hang out in.  

#12:  Derail (MW2)

I remember this map as being a fight for the small building.  There are staircases on either side of the building and people would normally set up camp in there.  It would be easy to flush them out with a grenade launcher and some grenades, but there were always tac inserts to worry about and their camping buddies on the opposite staircase.  There is also a patch of woods that can be used to hide snipers, so running out in that direction is always risky.

#11:  Seelow (WaW)

Thinking about this map brings back all of the horrible memories of it.  It's been a few years since I've played on it but I remember how awful it was.  This map was HUGE.  When you died, you had to run about a half a mile once you respawned just to get near the enemy again...and then when you got there, you more than likely got sniped by someone that you couldn't find.  AWFUL.

#10:  Meltdown (BO2)

This map just annoys me.  Most of the people sit up in one of the various windows in one of the multiple buildings and shoot anyone that they can find.  Then you have those that hide in the circular building by the smoke stack.  The buildings are numbered but they aren't in a sequence that is easy to remember, so it is easy to forget what building corresponds to what number.  

#9:  Array (BO)

Surprise, surprise, another snow map makes the list.  Array is a fairly large map that focused on the central building.  Typically speaking, teams would fight over who had control over the middle building so they could camp in it.  There are a few entrances to the building including windows and a staircase, but those are usually guarded with a handful of claymores and a guy with a riot shield.  If you opt to stay clear of the building, there is a tower that is often used for sniping and people with assault rifles with scopes on them.  Playing on this map is always pretty predictable and irritating.

#8:  Vertigo (BO2 DLC)

One of the worst DLC maps ever to exist in Call of Duty.  This map is wretched.  The layout sucks, the building sucks, and the fact that you can't even get onto the helicopter is stupid.  This crappy map doesn't even need an explanation of why it sucks.

 #7:  Jungle (BO) 

This is one of those maps that I have a hard time seeing people on because the background colors and images make the soldiers blend in.  Another problem with this is that it is easy to camp on.  The most obvious thing that everyone does is fight for the rock/cliff.  If you toss or launch a grenade up there you are more than likely to get a kill every time.  Teams also tend to hold down the village because there are a few huts that you can hide in, as well as a few ditches and low points to lie prone in and shoot people as they approach.  Lame.

#6:  Afghan (MW2)

The cave.  That is all.

#5:  Estate (MW2)

Another map with a house.  If you didn't have control of the house, you were pretty much screwed because the people inside it would never leave it.  

#4:  Turbine (BO2)

Okay folks, let's get one thing straight:  the long, cylindrical item that you can climb on top of and walk through is a WIND TURBINE (hence the name of the map), not an airplane.  It amazes me that people still call it a plane this late in the game.  Besides the annoying choice of words some players have in regards to this map, I hate the layout of it as well.  It's a decent sized map so runners have to truck it if they want to run and gun, but they are always on the lookout for snipers.  I try to snipe on this map because when I run I get picked off over and over again.  There are tons of rocks and dark shadows for other people to camp so that makes it ten times worse.

#3:  Downfall (WaW)

I bet you probably don't even remember this map because no one ever picked it in World at War because it was so bad.  This humongous map was a giant pain in the ass to play!  It was hard to see people on, there were so many routes to take, broken buildings to crawl through, and it was just an overall mess.  The destroyed building with the Nazi flag hanging from it was kind of cool to look at for symbolic purposes, but that is the only thing it has going for it.  Straight trash.

#2:  Aftermath (BO2)

I have probably played this map on Black Ops 2 less than any other map in the game because I will back out of a lobby if it comes up.  The only reasons I get stuck playing it is because I either get thrown into the game after it has started, or I am in a really good lobby that has a great connection and a crappy enemy team.  This map is the ultimate camp city.  I just pull out my sniper rifle and hang out in a building while Alex covers the stairs with a shotgun.  It's hilarious because we get so bored since we are straight runners.  Ugh.  I will be happy to never play this map after Ghosts comes out!

#1:  Downturn (MW3)

YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!  I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS MAP!  There is not a single good thing that I can say about this map other than the fact that I never have to play it again.  Every game mode sucks on it, it's ugly, it has too many buildings that you can't distinguish from one another except for the bank, and there are too many dark shadows and tunnels for people to hide in.  WORST MAP EVER.


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Top 20 Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps

When I was playing online with some friends the other day, we started talking about some older maps that we missed playing on.  After that, I decided that I wanted to make a list of my favorite Call of Duty maps, beginning with World at War.  That was my first Call of Duty game so unfortunately I cannot add Call of Duty 4 maps to the list.  Sorry guys!

I tried narrowing down my list to a top 10, but that just wasn't happening.  If you know my style of gameplay, you should know that I'm a hardcore run and gunner so I tend to favor smaller maps.  So now I present to you MY top 20 multiplayer maps in the Call of Duty series.  Enjoy!

#20:  Highrise (MW2)

This map favors all types of players because it was great for sniping as well as close combat shooting.  It is a pretty symmetrical map (which I like) so initial spawns weren't that much of an issue.  


#19:  Highjacked (BO2)

People seem to have mixed feelings about this map on Black Ops 2; they either love it or they hate it.  I have liked it from the first time I played it because it's small, the call outs are easy to learn, and once again, it's very symmetrical.  Set those scorestreak rewards to choppers, escort drones, and sentry guns and you will be set.  Just don't forget to equip Engineer!  This map gets very claymore/bouncing betty/shock charge heavy.

#18:  Hardhat (MW3)

This map is awesome for playing Infected, as well as Kill Confirmed.  Initial spawn points did make a slight difference in how the game played out because people tend to favor the pallet stacks in the corner of the map and the middle room.  This map would have been higher up on the list if it didn't have that wretched tunnel that endorsed camping.

#17:  Carnival (MW2 DLC)

A big reason of why I love this map so much is because of the visual aspect of it.  It's just really cool and fun to play on!  I love maps that are normal public places that have been destroyed and turned into a battle zone.  Carnival is one of those maps that favored all types of players because it had good sniping points and tight corners.  The call outs were great on this as well because the landmarks were very obvious and the layout was easy to learn.  

#16:  Summit (BO)

I did not include Uplink from Black Ops 2 along with this because the rain pisses me off and people have learned to camp more on it.  Summit is awesome, especially for a snow map.  There is always a fight for the main building so beware of the many grenades and inevitable noob tubes.

#15:  Rush (BO2 DLC)

This map is just full of awesome.  I tend to run around on it using only a B23R and I simply dominate.  The room with the (bulletproof) inflatables gets campy pretty quick, but I've learned to avoid is as much as possible.  It's a fairly small map so navigating it is simple.  This is another map that is great for equipping aircraft for scorestreak rewards.

#14:  Sub Pens (WaW DLC)

This World at War map was dark, dreary, and even a little creepy but it was tons of fun.  The missile room seemed to be the place to be!   

#13:  Standoff (BO2)

This is a very popular map on Black Ops 2 and hardly ever gets voted against in the game.  This map is great for all types of players, which unfortunately includes campers.  If they would just get rid of those pesky cardboard box pallets on either side of the market/long building with red shutters, then this map would have definitely been in the top 10.  Headhunters suck, but this map does not, by far.

#12:  Mission (BO)

This map is the one that encouraged me to pick up a sniper rifle for the first time and try out my skills in sniping, which I fared pretty well in.  This was always a favorite map with the group of people I played with because we had tag runners and we had snipers that worked very well together.

#11:  Sub Base (MW2)

This is one of the very few snow maps on this list because frankly, most snow maps suck (take Downhill and Array for example).  This map was fun because it was easy to flank people.  People tended to stay inside the mainframe room but you could surprise them with climbing up on the roof, tossing grenades through the many windows, or by rushing them up the stairs. 

#10:  Slums (BO2)

Like Standoff, this map hardly gets voted against in Black Ops 2.  This is a smaller map that has great visual aids and landmarks for call outs.  The only thing that is annoying is that there are a few famous corners that people camp in (the cemetery, the blue electronics shop, the garage) and that people like to hold onto the top spawn point.  Other than that it's a fantastic map.

#9:  Station (WaW DLC)

This map was really fun in World at War.  It was pretty symmetrical with two sets of staircases on either end of the map and crashed train right down the center.  The rooms to the right and left of the train had plenty of tight corners for awesome close quarters combat.

#8:  Grid (BO)

Definitely one of the best maps in the first installment of Black Ops, Grid was always fun to play.  There were two buildings to fight for, but they could be infiltrated by climbing in through a window or tossing a grenade or C4.  I hope they decide to remake this map in a future CoD game because I really miss it!

#7:  Pod (BO2 DLC)

I may be very alone in putting Pod in the top 10 of my list because people seem to hate it.  I think it's fantastic!  The call outs are a little questionable at times but I love the layout and look of the map.  I like the deserted, destroyed residential area and its rustic look.  It's a smaller map so running and gunning is definitely favored here. 

#6:  Trailer Park (MW2 DLC)

This map did not remind me of home (thankfully) but it definitely seemed familiar since I am from NC.  The crusty trailer park was a great place to create a battlefield and it was always really fun to play.  It is a smaller map so there weren't many great places to snipe from.  Call outs were pretty easy to learn since most of the trailers had a distinct color.  Definitely one of the best DLC maps out there.

#5:  Nuketown/Nuketown 2025 (BO/BO2)

Nuketown will always be "that map".  It hardly ever gets passed on when voting for it and is always a crowd favorite.  I've always loved Nuketown so I love the fact that they brought it back for Black Ops 2.  Yes, the spawn points can be horrendous at times and the random grenades are highly irritating, but let's be honest:  even if you say you hate Nuketown, you like something about it (even if these feelings might be hidden deep inside you).  And the fact that they have Nuketown 24/7 specialty playlists proves that this will always be a favorite CoD map.

#4:  Favela (MW2)

This map was really cool because you could run across rooftops, blow up a ton of vehicles, and make your way through the maze of a small shanty town.  I absolutely loved this map on Modern Warfare 2!

#3:  Scrapyard (MW2)

The fact that they turned this map into a real life paintball area a few years ago should speak for how great it is.  Scrapyard is another one of those maps that favored all types of game play.  There are a few buildings that you could snipe from, lots of close quarters to run through like a truck, and fairly simple call outs.  Love it.

#2:  Firing Range/Studio (BO/BO2 DLC)

When they announced that Firing Range was going to be recreated into Studio, I was super excited.  This was one of those maps on Black Ops that never got passed on.  My teammates and I always loved this map because we had excellent teamwork on it.  The call outs were great, the layout was fantastic, and the map as a whole is just full of awesome.  The only reason it didn't get the number one spot was because of that stupid tower that breeds camping.  And it's awful to play One in the Chamber in because split screeners tend to partner up and camp the tower together, making it annoying for everyone else in the game.  But overall, one of the best maps that Call of Duty will ever see.  

#1:  Dome (WaW)

There is nothing about this map that I don't like.  It's small, the call outs are easy to learn, the layout is visually stimulating, and the map is just plain fun to play on.  The action is always intense and there aren't too many corners to camp on.  And with the attack dogs being so much more vicious in this game as compared to the others you can rack up on a ridiculous amount of kills.  I would have loved to play Kill Confirmed on this map but unfortunately that game mode wasn't created yet.  I hope that they do decide to recreate this map in the future because I do miss it, so only time will tell if I will be able to play it in a reimagined re-release one day.