All these titles will draw in the crowd they are intended to reach (ha ha "Reach").  While I was locked in front of the flat screen watching 30 minute long footage of new releases for this fall and next year, I realized that people will need a pretty big expense account to absorb the cost of all these titles.  I can honestly say that I am a fan of them all, with H4 at the top of the list.  Very few games have two stars battling large forces of enemy hostiles like the Halo franchise does.

Yes.  MW3 has some incredible graphics, Battlefield 3 has some incredible sounds and graphics, and NFS-The Run has the cross country real time racing scenario multiplayer (which I think the APN will enjoy trash talking as we speed through states for hours on end).

But none of these have the immense storyline and past that the Halo story has.  Even with saying that, one is not better than the other or worse than the other.  It's just different degrees of gaming and excitement. 

Oh, and a final note, Star Wars on Kinect........ (the challenge has been issued and I am changing O'shai's name to O'shit as I place a light saber in places no jedi has even placed a saber before)

May the force (and a gaming budget) be with us.