Surely you have heard this during your online game play, "keep talkin that shit and I'm coming to see you man!" OR "you know where I'm from? I'm from the south side.....we don't play that." There's the name calling, the insulting, the threats, the false player review comments. Has online gaming rooms turned into the new bully schoolyard? Is the price of admission only $60.00 for anyone with a bad attitude to  harass you during your game play? Honestly - why do people (adults) feel that they can get online and engage in a childish behavior as if they were reliving the 6th grade???

Thank God (and the creation of common sense) that we can call upon the "unwritten amendment" FREEDOM OF MUTE. You have the right to mute the idiot that has made it the sole of his/her existence to torment other players online.

I might add that in response to this behavior (in person), I would recite the APN prayer right before I sprinkle so baby powder on this mighty right-hand and (as Serenity would direct me to) "Handle my business P.I.M.P.) I'm not only the APN leader, I'm also a member.