Valve just announced the Steam Family Sharing plan.  This new service allows a user to share his or her library of games with friends and family.  I read the first part of Valve's press release and got pretty excited.  I am a bit of a collector, and I know my brother would love to play some of the titles in my library.  The guest would also be able to create their own Steam cloud saves and record their own achievements.  Sounds cool, right?  There is a rather big stipulation to this.  A single library can only accessed by one person at a time.  Not a single game, the entire library.  So if my brother wants to play Bioshock Infinite, and I decide I want to take a crack at the new Amnesia title, he will have a few minutes to finish what he was doing and then get booted from the game.  I can understand not allowing two people to play the game at the same time, but the entire library?  Come on now.  We have the same work schedule, so there is never a time where one of us could potentially be at work and the other at home.  Oh well.  I guess it's sort of a step in the right direction.

The limited beta for the Family Sharing plan will be available next week