Before I go on and bitch about earning some of the achievements in this game, let me just say I had a fantastic time playing through it. Josh and I spent many hours beating the asses of any alien that got in our way. Not all of my frustration comes from the game itself. I was having a bunch of issues with my Internet connection for the last week (just got fixed today. Yay!). I'll throw some of that in here too, since it made me wish SR4 had a particular feature.

Super Power Team Up! (the one preventing my 100%)

This one was supposed to be the easy one for us. All we had to do was beat every mission in co-op. We were unable to complete this one due to a glitch. It is rather painful to complete the game and see 36/37 requirements met. There is one mission that requires you to rescue Pierce. It starts up just fine. We were able to walk around and complete the first couple of objectives. Every single time it gets to a certain cutscene, the game would never leave the loading screen. We even left it running for ten minutes hoping that would fix the issue. Nope. It was off to the forums. Turns out the mission glitches when played in co-op. There have been at least two patches since the game's release, but this issue has not received a fix.

The Challenge King

SR4 has over forty challenges for the player to complete. Some are for completing world events, using your powers in a certain way, or killing a set number of enemies with a certain weapon. The last one gave us some grief. A recent patch removed access to some weapons. I had three rocket launchers, but nothing else in the special weapon category. Makes it a little hard to kill things with weapons that I don't have. Luckily this one has been fixed, and the aliens have been receiving a hell of a beating since we got them back. Game crashes have been interfering with this as well. I need to remember to save more often.  I was working on getting kills with the mech suit and the black hole gun since they are both a pain to use.  The mech suit has a timer, and the black hole gun has a really slow recharge rate.  I was getting closer and closer to the required amounts when my game just shut down on me.  No error message, no warning, just shut off.  The autosave feature didn't detect any new activity, so I was right back to where I started.  At this point I calmly dropped my controller on the floor, cursed the heavens, and grabbed a beer or six.  After letting the alcohol slowly take over my body, I finally made it back to my pc and knocked out the remaining challenges.  I would complain about the one that required me to travel 2.5 million feet in one of the alien vehicles, but I MacGyvered my controller with my iPod earbuds and a paperweight to hold the joystick down in one direction.  While I was spinning in circles, I decided it was time for a sandwich and maybe a movie.  A few hours later, it was finally done.

Current Achievement Count 09/01: 4,527