Diablo 3 is almost here, and I can barely wait since I finally got a little taste during the open beta weekend.  I've had to find something to play that would take up a whole bunch of my time, and help keep my mind off of it.  What could possibly suck away hours of my day without really noticing?  That's right, Dungeon Defenders does one hell of a job at that.  That game can make 5 hours seem like minutes.  I can get home from work around 4:30, sit down to play, and suddenly it's getting close to 10pm.  Forget being productive, I have more goblins to blow up.  In the past two weeks, I've logged almost 54 on Steam, and 48 of those hours belong to DD.  It's not like I play it all the time, but I do go through phases.  This just happens to be one of them.  I'm just trying to finally knock out the achievements at this point.  There really isn't a way to quickly knock out a chunk of them since they can require to play through the game over and over again.  

Here are a few examples:


  • From the Depths, To the Rooftops, a Taste of Victory, and Dungeon Crawler - Play through the game on any difficulty setting
  • The Belly of the Beast, the Body of the Beast, the Crown of the Beast, and Dungeon Raider - All levels completed on hard setting
  • From Fire with Brimstone, Through the Crowded Keep, To the Lofty Summit, and Dungeon Defender - All levels completed on insane setting.
  • Team Effort - All levels completed with four players on at least medium setting
  • A Master of Perspective requires you to complete the last level four different times.  


There are plenty more.  Defense is the Best Offense requires you to complete up to wave 10 in pure strategy mode on all stages.  You might as well work on Catch Them All at the same time, since completing up to wave 15 rewards you with a familiar.  Each stage offers a different one.  Flawless Victory(no crystal damage after wave 1), Gunslinger(no tower kills past wave 1), and Master Strategist(no hero kills past wave 1) can all require separate playthroughs as well.  You also need to have each of the original heroes at level 70 for Group Hug.  In other words, DD will sink its claws into you and never let go.  I thought I was able to escape.  I really did.  I put it down for months, and never thought about it.  Then it started calling to me in my sleep.  I tried to ignore its call, but my will was too weak.

After playing through each stage over and over again, finishing 25 waves of Hardcore Insane Survival, hitting 70 with every character, and upgrading equipment, I still love this game.  I've barely even touched the Nightmare difficulty setting.  It causes me to experiment with my builds.  Can I complete 25 waves of Hardcore Nightmare Survival?  Hell no, but that doesn't mean I won't try.  It's back to looking at what works and doesn't work.  What if I replace this tower?  What if I try to funnel enemies into this location?  Will the dps be enough?  What's going to happen when I add more players?  This game makes you think.  Speaking of which, time to try something else.  I've got goblins to kill, and phat loot to find.

If you'd like to join me, my SteamID is TheOneOshai