Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has received plenty of bad reviews.  Ranging from broken AI, to glitches that make the game unplayable.  I've put some time into it, and I want to defend it, I really do.  I haven't run into many glitches (one really, and that was really weird), and I don't think the auto cover mode causes a problem during gameplay.  I didn't have much of a problem with the AI at first.  Sure they're a little slow, they're attracted to the red beams that trip mines produce, and sometimes a wall could be perceived as a threat I suppose (I watched one of my teammates spend around 30-45 seconds shooting at a wall with no enemy in site).  I could deal with it.  It actually made the game pretty challenging.  At times I forgot they were even there, unless they turned into zombies and wanted my brains.  

Like I said, I was fine with it...then mission 6 appeared.  It didn't start out too bad.  Couple of waves of zombies and a crazy lift ride were still well within my abilities.  Then this happened:

Oh who's that during the cutscene?  Ada Wong?  Heeeeey what's up baby?  Haven't seen you in a long... *blam* *blam* oh shit!  That's right, I work for Umbrella, and she wants my ass dead.  I guess I'm just going to have to light her up.  Alright guys let's get this bitch.  Guys?  Guys?  Where the hell is my team?  *sprints like a bat out of hell to avoid the incendiary grenades and gunfire*

They were all just relaxing behind the wall waiting for me to finish Ada off.  I tried sprinting, sniping, tossing grenades, and even spray and pray.  I don't get how time and time again these people would run to trip mines like a moth to the flame, but now they just don't feel like it.  There was nothing I could do to get them to engage in the fight.  After a little over a dozen attempts, I gave up and grabbed a beer.  

Operation Raccoon City is still a fun title, just make sure you bring some friends along with you.  The AI will cause more than their fair share of frustrating moments.  Where is PapaGypsy when you need him?  We're going to make Ada pay.