So there I was enjoying some Dungeons of Dredmor.  I was setting fire to everything in sight, and smacking bats that got a little too close.  The life of an adventurer can be quite dangerous sometimes.  You could open the wrong door, and be staring down 10-20 zombies that all want the delicious dish inside your skull.  Setting things on fire can only go so far sometimes.  After a few attempts and finally figuring out what the hell I'm doing, the game crashes on me.  Not unheard of, but the next part is quite funny.  I earned an achievement because of the crash.

Normally I would get rather pissed at getting so far into a dungeon then losing all of my progress, but I couldn't get angry after seeing this.  Thank you Gaslamp Games, you turned a possible nerd rage moment into one of those 90's sitcom "oh you guys" moments.