Over the past month, I've been enjoying my time in League of Legends.  I am a newcomer to the game, and my strategies may not be the ideal ones, but I am having fun.  I usually play with several other members of team PUNI including Valentari, Shedao, Gypsy, Jardon, and sometimes we run with Matt from Gamer's Haven.  There are plenty of characters to choose from, and they all have different techniques that make each match interesting.  Since there are so many, I wanted to try a few so I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything.  I apply this same style to each MMO I play.  I'm never satisfied with just one style when there are so many others out there.  I could keep going on character selection and gameplay, but I'm going to go over a few of my personal favorites.


Ashe was one of my first picks.  Her ability to constantly slow opponents and strike multiple enemies makes her perfect for assisting throughout games.  As her attack speed and power grows with purchased gear, she becomes damn near unstoppable at times.  Usually I'll slow a close champion then strike with her ultimate ability to stop them in their tracks.  At this point, there are a few seconds to strike quickly and with extreme vengeance.  This is also a character that Jardon plays quite often.






I'm not one for playing a support class in League of Legends, but I make an exception for Sona.  Each of her abilities have an active and passive effect.  The first increases the attack and ability power of nearby champions while striking two targets.  The second increases the magical and physical defense of nearby champions and heals herself and one nearby ally.  The third increases movement speed.  Her ultimate is usual and somewhat humorous.  It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it does cause the victim to dance in place.  This leaves them open to additional attacks.






I've only recently started playing as this character.  I was a little intrigued after watching Shedao use him in a friendly skirmish match.  He is a little more difficult to control efficiently, but quite rewarding if the timing is correct.  His first ability opens up two portals and strike anything that stands in-between them.  Because of the early high damage output from this spell, I usually choose this one first.  It can be a little tricky to use because the target must be standing between the two portals.  The next ability opens up a zone on the ground that does damage over time to anything standing in it.  The third is a single target damage over time.  If this ability kills the target, it refunds mana then bounces to another target.  This effect continues until it runs out of targets, or it doesn't score a kill.  His last ability freezes the target in place and does causes massive damage during the effect.




Now for my personal favorite.  Fiddlesticks is the man.  I rarely choose anyone else after learning his abilities.  His first spell is a short-term fear.  Early on it only cause the target champion to run for one second.  This is more than enough time to interrupt their spell casting and open them up to attacks from an ally champion.  His second spell is drain.  It extends a beam to the target, and as long as they stay within range, the beam drains the life away from a champion or minion, and Fiddlesticks converts a percentage to his own health.  This skill is ridiculous.  If I'm paired up with another champion that can stun, chances are I can get the full duration out of the spell each time.  If it doesn't kill them, it drops them low enough to be killed by another champion, or it sends them fleeing for their momma.  His third spell bounces to multiple targets and silences them for a short time.  This spell can also bounce back and forth between two champions causing a decent amount of damage.  Fiddlesticks' ultimate ability teleports him to a location and damages anything within a set radius around him.  This effect lasts for a few seconds and Fiddlesticks can move after the initial teleport, allowing him to chase any fleeing champions.  He can still cast his other abilites after the initial effect as well, allowing for several bursts of damage.