Le sigh.  Can't we all just get along?  We already get looked down upon for being gamers.  Why waste time attacking each other?  They're just games right?  My most recent encounter with this act of self-destruction comes during some of my recent gameplay with League of Legends.  Team PUNI already has several videos up on our YouTube channel showcasing some of the action.  Many of my games have been quite enjoyable.  The players get along, we win, and everyone congratulates each other on a job well done.  That is, of course, until my last game.  Sadly, asses do exist in this title as well.  75% of the game was spent with two of my teammates bitching and moaning at each other.  I'd like to try and reenact some of the awesome dialogue.

Player 1: You suck

Player 2: STFU!  You suck

Player 1: You're so full of fail

Player 2: STFU! You're full of fail

Round and round we go.  Where we stop, nobody knows.  I ignored most of the conversation and went right on with what I needed to do to ensure a win.  As you can see below, I had to carry the team just a little bit.  There was actually a third member who liked to constantly bitch too, but he disconnected during the first five minutes.