What a weekend!  I'm more than tired, but I wanted to get this out there while everything was still fresh in my head.  I just got home from a great weekend with my family.  We spent it at the family cabin on the Yough lake.  It was the big reunion visit with tons of people showing up.  There were also a few children there ranging from around ages 6 to 14 I believe.  I became the one in charge of keeping them all entertained.  My way of accomplishing this?  Pop them all in front of the NES and SNES.

Going to the cabin is like taking a step back in time.  The entertainment includes plenty of VHS tapes and old Nintendo consoles.  I spent around 15-20 minutes just trying to get the old girl to work in the first place.  The first title that would play was Galaga.  I passed the controller to one of the kids and let them go to town.  I was amused by watching them tilt the controller, trying to get the ship to move.  Then the kids enjoyed pointing out that the graphics for these old titles were "crappy".  Every time a title wouldn't work, it was because of the crappy graphics.  Every time they would die, it was because of the crappy graphics.  Every time they didn't know how to play, it was because of the crappy graphics.  Every time...well you get the point.  This constant ribbing caused me to come more and more to the defense of the NES.  They would constantly compare it to the Wii or XBox 360.  I know they were just trying to get a rise out of me, and I was feeding it the whole time.  

Since getting the NES to constantly work was too much of a task for me in a slightly buzzed state, I moved on to the SNES.  This caused a little more confusion with the addition of more buttons.  I popped in Super Mario Brothers and again let them go to town.  The attacks continued on the system's lack of good graphics.  It was always the graphics.  Never gameplay, or story, or character development.  Nope.  Just bad graphics.  I made me think of an old episode of The Instance with Scott and Randy joking about how people only focus on graphics and will never give a title a second look.  Most of the kids went to bed except for Niklas.  He is the son of my mother's cousin.  What relationship that is to me, I have no idea.  He was the most entertained by these old consoles.  We would bounce from title to title.  After Super Mario, we moved to Star Fox, Turtles in Time, Mario RPG, Mario Kart, and a Link to the Past.  Niklas was my little gaming buddy.  The game that received the most play time was Turtles in Time.  I think he just liked the idea of being able to play together at the same time.  Niklas also looks like the lead role from Bastion, so all in all, a really cool kid.

I was told by a buddy of mine I'm not allowed to complain about the kids not enjoying the old consoles until I am at least thirty.  I guess I earn my old man card at that point.  

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