Title: Army of Darkness Defense

Publisher: Backflip Studios

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

Like Army of Darkness?  Like defense games?  What if I told you that you could have both at the same time?  This is Army of Darkness Defense.  Take the role of Ash and protect the Necronomicon from the forces of the undead.  The premise is simple, navigate Ash back and forth across a small 2D environment while shooting sawing through Deadites.  Every wave gives the player the opportunity to upgrade Ash and his abilities, the castle's defenses, and the troops.  The game offers 50 waves of Deadites to kill with a endless mode available at the game's completion.  Everything is pulled directly from the movie.  At certain levels new upgrades are made available.  My personal favorite is the pit.  A quick chainsaw or shotgun blast to face sends most enemies flying to their death.  This becomes especially useful on wave 40 against Evil Sheila.  The most entertaining part has to be all the audio clips taken directly from the movie itself.

Bruce Campbell's classic lines + movie's soundtrack + busting some undead skulls = WIN!

AoDD is free on the App Store.  Go check it out.
Quick Tips: 50 Waves
  • Upgrade Ash and the peasants to max as quickly as possible
  • Pick up Ash's chainsaw attachment
  • Get the pit as soon as it becomes available

(standing by the pit with the chainsaw allows for one-shot kills while you're building up resources to pump out a small army of peasants.  The sword boy also helps here to give the peasants a nice little offensive upgrade.)

Quick Tips: Endless

  • Upgrade Henry, Arthur, Wiseman, and horsemen to max level.
  • Upgrade the catapult volley and Deathcoaster to max level.
  • Move towards the pit and chainsaw all enemies while your resources build.  Continue to kill enemies until the Smithy is  maxed.  Send out Arthur and the Wiseman at the same time.
  • Start pumping out horsemen to push the Deadites back to the entrance.
  • Keep pushing out horsemen to increase the damage output.  If it all works out, you'll be able to stand at the very end and  just pick up coins.