I've recently stepped away from the console and have found myself back in front of my pc again.  While I enjoy pc gaming, I've always had issues with hosting games online.  When Borderlands first came out, myself and Drizz spent several hours researching on the forums just so we could play together.  That's fun right?  Reading, working on our personal networks, and hacking .ini files just to get started?  We had others that joined in as well, so we had to walk everyone else through making the same changes.  I taped the directions to my desk so they would always be close.  

Time to speed up time and come to the present day.  Two more titles that have recently caused a problem are Terraria and Killing Floor.  Terraria was somewhat of an easy fix.  LogMeIn's Hamachi allowed us to create a VPN connection and create our own server.  Killing Floor, on the other hand, not so much.  We tried Hamachi again, but it didn't work.  After checking the forums, it seems that no one can get it to work with Hamachi.  Something about it promoting piracy.  Oh well.  Back to the router being the cause of the problem.  I found the list of ports required to host a server.  After I statically assigned my laptop an IP address and pointing the ports to it, it still didn't work.  Grumble grumble...I reset all of my equipment and tried again....nope.  I then upgraded the firmware on my router.  Still didn't work.  My frustration levels were getting higher and higher.  I disabled the firewall on my router and on my laptop.  The network gods were laughing their asses off.  

Finally, I removed my Xbox from the assigned DMZ port and switched to my laptop.  A bright light then came through my window and caused my laptop to glow.  Everyone was able to join my server.  Woot!  Let the mutant killing continue.  The sad part is these network issues hit consoles too.  I had to put my Xbox in the DMZ originally because of issues when playing Halo titles online.  I would be crippled during online play.  During one game my respawn timer was all messed up, and every single time I would respawn, I would die again.  

Online gaming just drives me crazy sometimes.  I currently hold several certifications in the IT field.  Getting some of these titles to work can cause more headaches than the major server and application issues I have to deal with each day at work.  Oh well.  Everything is working currently.  We'll see what happens when the next title that team PUNI wants to play comes out.