The Steam summer sale is going on now.  There are plenty of great deals added daily.  Each sale starts at 1PM EST.  I've already started adding items to my queue.  My poor laptop has its work cut out for it when I get home.  I'll have plenty of little reviews coming up over the next few weeks.  The first on my list is Back to the Future.  I've been wanting to play this for a while now, but decided to wait for the sale.  Luckily for me the first day had all five episodes for around $12.50.  Time to put on the red  bubble vest, crank up the flux capacitor, and pick up Doc Brown.  

I've also picked up BitTripBeat, BitTripRunner, and Oblivion (since it comes with all the DLC for under $10, and my Xbox copy doesn't work so well anymore).  Steam also has a contest attached to the sale.  The grand prize is winning ten games from your wishlist.  How do you earn entries?  Cheevo hunting! Woot!  My favorite thing in the world.  There is a list of specific achievements that can be unlocked to earn entries into the contest.  More details can be found here.