I love the challenge page.  There's always plenty of humorous talks during them.


FRaR:I might take this week's challenge again.
Oshai:fuuuuck.you're joking right?
Oshai:damn damn damn. back to work
FRaR:LOL. come on, you mean you don't want me to win again?
Oshai:Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm No What's the score?
FRaR:I'm not telling. it's pretty badass though, IMO.
Oshai: grumble. i told you mine
FRaR:fiiiiiiiine. 1493
Oshai:i give up
FRaR:no you dont
Oshai:yep. white flag up
FRaR:I don't believe you. you're going to some how get a retarded score and beat me them I'ma be pissed
Oshai:i still can't get over 700. i don't get it. there has to be something i'm missing.
FRaR:no, i'm just awesome i guess
Oshai:i can hit a guy in the face with a printer and he still stands. sometimes taking 7-8 shotsto knock a guy down
FRaR:Yeah i know what you mean


FRaR:how's your final score looking? I'm going to go ahead and email you mine bc I'm done. This headache does not help LOL

(After seeing email)Oshai:Are you kidding me? At least before it looked like I was close. Now I'm blown out of the water again

FRaR:LOL sorry. if it makes you feel better, it surprised me too. you're not bluffing are you? like...you're not making me think I have this badass score when in reality yours is twice as much?

Oshai:why do you always think that?

FRaR:LOL paranoia? Because I always want to win LOL

Oshai:well i was thinking i was going to be clever. i have around 1590

FRaR:ah so you were beating me. but you weren't going to tell me. i'm not telling you my scores ever again! LOL

Oshai: doesn't seem to really matter. as soon as i get close, you go all super saiyan on that shit

Oshai: i can't wait to show you

FRaR:i hate you. what's your score??

Oshai: 1600 lol

FRar:you're lying

Oshai:2093. 3500. 10

FRaR:you're a bitch!!! no way

Oshai:i guess you'll just have to see. i would like to think i finally knocked your ass off the throne. I have such wonderful things to show you

W/ Ammo

Ammo: Do you mind telling me your score in Office Chaos?

Oshai: You have Game Center.  You can see my score

Ammo: Osnap I forgot about that. (checks score) 719? I hate you guy.

Oshai: JoAnna has double that.

Ammo: I just threw my pen at my computer.


Oshai: I got 2093

Ammo: This is freaking STUPID!!!

Oshai: She gonna be maaaaaaaaad.

Ammo: OSHAAAAIIIIAAAAIIIIIAIAIAII you made me quit my game! I was doing really well then you texted me, then I hit close, and I accidentally tapped quit.  UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! this game is CRAZY! I'm freakin frustrated.