Title: Tiny Tower

Publisher: NimbleBit

Platform: iOS

Price: free

Tiny Tower is a nice little time consumer.  The object is to earn money to add floors to your tower.  Initially, the price of each floor is rather cheap, but it will increase with each addition.  The two main options are to build a residential floor for more "bitizens", or a production floor to bring in the cash.   Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and Creative are the main categories of production floors.  Each bitizen also has stats associated with these categories.  It's best to keep your bitizens happy.  The best way to do this?  Give them a job associated with their highest stat.  It doesn't really do much, but it does stop them from bitching on their "bitbook".  Each bitizen also has a dream job.  If they're employed at their dream job, bonuses are applied to that floor.  Each production floor can have three employees.  Each employee unlocks another tier of items to sell.  The third tier makes the most money and has the highest stock.  I always find it a good idea to keep three people at each floor so I don't have to worry about restocking as much.  

The game does run in the background.  Stock each floor and walk away.  Each time the app is launched, it will let know how much money was made when away.  Staying in the app offers some random bonuses.  Transporting bitizens between floors sometimes awards a bitdollar.  These bitdollars can be used to speed up stocking or construction, quickly sell all of one product, or they can be used to change the design of the floors or bitizens.  VIPs will show up from time to time.  Transporting these VIPs to a floor will temporarily increase sales to that floor, or the VIP will buy all of one item.  Sometimes you'll be asked to find a particular bitizen.  Finding them awards a bitdollar.

The Menu:


  • Bitizens: The list of all bitizens.  This screen also displays their current job, their dream job, current happiness level, and their stats
  • Stats: Displays the sales per minute, how many of each type of floor built, and the demand for each floor
  • Elevators: The elevator can be upgraded for bitdollars. Faster elevators = the faster people move
  • Bitbook: This can be rather entertaining.  It displays status posts from all of the bitizens.  It can get rather irritating when all they do is bitch about their jobs
  • Get Bux: Tiny Tower is freemium.  Want to progress faster? Give a couple dollars to the developer, and they'll hand over some bitdollars.
  • Bank: If you have a nice little stock of bitdollars, they can be converted to cash for purchasing more goods or building new floors.