Bungie has decided to join the app world.  This little gem is another Halo Reach stats tracker with a few extra bells and whistles.  You can see the available challenges for the day, your commendations, and nice full screen image of your Spartan, and a quick look at some of your stats.  If you want to see additional stats, recent game history, and screenshots, you can click the "more details" button at the bottom of the app. Unfortunately, this additional information is not launched within the app itself.  It instead opens Safari, and launches their mobile version of Bungie.net.  The available stats on the app are your last log time, games played, Covenant killed, K/D, and current experience required for your next rank.  What makes this app different from other stat tracker apps?  Bungie offers a few extra perks in the "Love Bungie" section for downloading the app and associating your Live account with their website.  The two things currently available are blue flames for your Spartan's helmet and the "All-Star" nameplate.  You are also given the opportunity to give away seven of these nameplates to people who may not have an iOS device.  If you would like one, send me a message on Twitter @theoneoshai, or leave a comment below.