I decided to close my eyes and pick a game from my library.  This time I came across Force Unleashed 2.  I was almost done with the game, and for some reason I put it down.  Can't really remember why now.  I feel this is some prep work for the release of Star Wars Kinect and the little challenge Ashes issued on the main page of the site.  Stick a lightsaber where one has never been stuck before?  I don't think so.  I decided to totally nerd out for this as well.  I even went online for some guides on building a lightsaber hilt.  The toys are always too thick and buying one of the replicas is expensive as hell.  Will the battle be epic? I think so.  I really feel bad for Ashes.  He has no idea what he has done.  What evil he has unleashed upon himself.  The force is strong with me, and I will show him the true power of the Dark Side.

I feel better now. Let's see those cheevos.


  • Crack the Sky - Destroy the Star Destroyer.
  • Meeting of the Jedi - Reunite with Kota.
  • A Measure of Mercy - Complete the game and choose the Light Side ending.
  • Challenger - Complete one challenge and receive at least a Bronze medal.
  • Enjoy the Trip See You Next Fall - Cause 50 enemies to fall to their deaths.
  • Betrayed By Rage - Complete the game and choose the Dark Side ending.
  • Amplified - Kill 10 enemies with the lightning towers.
  • Stakross Medal of Excellence - Destroy 12 lightning pylons on the Kamino dive.
  • Kamfetti - Kill 5 enemies with the fans on Kamino.
  • It Burns - Disintegrate 15 enemies by throwing them into red force fields.
  • Pied Piper - Entice 10 Stormtroopers to leap to their deaths with Mind Trick.
  • Imperial Painball - Throw 10 enemies into the Kamino generators.
  • Valet - Use Vader's TIE Advanced to destroy the AT-MP.
  • Poor Bob - Force Grip a Stormtrooper, impale him, zap him with Lightning, then throw him into an object.
  • Unleashed - Activate Force Fury 10 times.
  • Rookie - Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Bronze medal in each.
  • Competitor - Get a Silver medal on any 5 challenges.
  • Hat Trick - Get a Gold medal on any 3 challenges.
  • Platinum - Get a Platinum medal on any challenge.
  • Shattered - Shatter 10 enemies frozen in carbonite.
  • Aww Yeah - Perform every combat move in the game (excluding combos that require Rank 3 Saber).
  • Use the Force, Luke - Complete any combat level using only Force Powers.
  • Strike! - Kill three enemies with a single ‘bowling’ ball.
  • Master of Disaster - Break all of the coolant tanks aboard the Salvation without dying.
  • Maxed Out - Upgrade all Force Powers to Rank 3.
  • Jedi Bomb Squad - Remove all of the Terror Spider Bombs on the Salvation.
  • Passive Aggressive - Parry and counter 10 melee attacks.
  • No Match For A Good Blaster - Kill 10 enemies using the turbolasers on the Kamino Drill Grounds.
  • Returning the Favor - Defeat a grenadier with his own grenade.
  • Sith Kicker - Drop kick 10 Ewoks.
  • Don't Let the Wookie Win - Defeat Han and Chewie.
  • Victory - Complete Endor.
  • Yub Yub - Complete the level defeating 20 Ewoks or more.
  • Holocron Hunter - Find all the holocrons in Endor.
  • One With the Force - Complete Endor without dying.

Not much left to unlock.  Just have to beat the game on unleashed, beat Endor on unleashed, reach the top of the Spire without dying, and find every holocron.  Speaking of Endor, there is no satisfaction greater than drop kicking Ewoks, or electrocuting them, or pushing them, or turning them against each other and making them kill each other, or....well you get the point.  The DLC package was pretty fun.  Seeing Endor from another perspective and fighting Han, Chewie, and Leia was a nice surprise.  The only two on this list I had trouble completing were Strike and Valet.  I could never seem to hit three people at a time with the damn "ball", and every time I went to grab Vader's TIE fighter, I was hit with a missile.  As soon as you drop it, it disappears.  That's it from me today.  Time to hop on Netflix and find some Hellraiser movies.