I've been all over the place recently.  Work has been killing me.  I didn't think I could be busier.  It messes with my head.  I can't even focus on one title.  I'm bouncing from game to game.  Even now as I try to write this I'm getting distracted with FLCL on Netflix.


I started playing Portal again right before the release of Portal 2.  Had to get myself back in the mood.  I forgot how much I actually loved it.  

Portal 2

Absolutely beautiful.  The environment is amazing.  I was a little disappointed with the shortness of the single player campaign.  I had very little difficulty completing it with the exception of mission 7.  Damn those liquids.  Still currently working on the multiplayer campaign with LeDrizz.  He has a tendency in any game we play together to screw me over.  Portal is no exception.  Here I thought we were trying to advance.  Just as I was stepping into a portal, he fires another one that drops me to my death.  This behavior isn't new.  He enjoyed nuking me in Starcraft 2.  He feels I deserve the punishment since the zombie event before the release of Wrath of the Lich King.  Just because I got into it and decided to defend my city.  I'll get my revenge somewhere else.

Mortal Kombat

So far I beat the story mode.  Quite epic.  The fatalities are brutal, the blood flows like wine, and the shit talking is at an all-time high.  PapaGypsy stuck with Smoke as his character of choice and he has been whooping my ass.  The challenge tower offers quite a bit of fun.  Plenty of different objectives to test your abilities.  I've been a little frustrated with the servers being down constantly.  My first experience ended with me getting a double flawless.  Gypsy apparently made some kid cry his first time around.  

Starcraft 2

Not much here.  Just trying to get back into the swing of things.  I have some people demanding my return.  Have to give the people what they want.  Slowly working my way back up to expert difficulty AI before I go back to online play.  

Star Trek D.A.C

Just got back into this tonight actually.  I wasn't very impressed the first time I played.  After spending around two hours on it tonight, I'm hooked.  Now to convince the APN to download it.  The game offers four game modes (deathmatch, assault, conquest, and survival).  The DLC offered the survival mode.  That's where I've been having the most fun.  Wave after wave of ships waiting to meet their demise.  

CoD Black Ops

I've been thinking about playing again.  I'll always give a game a second chance.  Don't get me wrong, I love the campaign, but I just get frustrated as hell at online play.  We'll see how it goes.

Full House Poker

My recent way to relax.  The Texas Heat tournaments are fun.  They're even better when your friends all sign on too.  The level of shit talking is high.  They give you 30 minutes to earn as much experience as possible.  If you earn enough, you'll earn a medal.  The better the medal, the more cash you win.  Trust me, you'll need it.  One achievement is to have a 500k bankroll.  These tournaments are usually played in 2-hour blocks.  Every night offers a different bonus.  Come join us for a game if you like.  All of our screen names are on the About Us page.  

iPhone Games

I'm back to playing the two Kairosoft titles.  Ammo still has this idea in his head that he can beat me.  I had to crush his dreams in the first contest.  The second one ends tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I have him on this one too.  I won't know until 5pm tomorrow.  I've also been playing Tiny Wings, Zombie Trailer Park, Gears, Men vs. Machine, Coastal S-C, You Don't Know Jack, and Biodefense.

See?  No focus.