Having a long weekend meant I had more time to focus on the cheevos.  This time I really didn't focus on just one game.  I take that back, I did focus more on Halo Wars than anything else.  Out of 58 available, I'm currently sitting at 52 now after my last little adventure.  I focused on mainly knocking out the last bit of the level achievements while going back and collecting all of the skulls and black boxes I missed through my last couple of playthroughs.  Let's see...

Halo Wars


  • Big Al's Scooter - Won a Heroic Skirmish Game against the AI in under 10 minutes
  • Penny Pincher - Got a winning High Score with 10 or less squads against the heroic AI
  • The Procrastinator - Mission 10: Disrupted all tractor beams
  • Sweet Naptime - Mission 9: Put every Colony in Hibernation Mode at the same time
  • Tour Coming Through - Hot dropped 50 squads to your Covenant leader in a single game on Barrens
  • Gallivant Around the Galaxy - Won a game on every skirmish map.
  • Titan - Got 20,000 points in any skirmish map
  • Thinkin' About My Doorbell - Mission 15: Opened the doors in order
  • Ramblin Man - Mission 8: Used Elephants to train 100 infantry
  • Halo Historian - Unlocked all timeline events
  • Graverobber - Collected all skulls
  • Ready for the Sequel - 100% completion
  • Wall of Recognition - Got a gold medal on every campaign mission
  • Own Worst Enemy - Got a gold medal with all debuff skulls active
  • Drain Cleaner - Killed 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant leader power on Memorial Basin


Whew.  Kept myself busy this time.  I worked on combining as much of these as possible.  For instance I knocked out Penny Pincher and Big Al's Scooter during the same game using the Chieftain blitz technique.  I also made sure I worked on Halo Historian and Graverobber while I was also working on each of the individual stage achievements.  Gallivant Around the Galaxy was almost complete at the time I getting ready for cheevo run.  Very easy.  Just skirmish it up against the AI and blitz his ass over and over again.  Titan probably took me the longest to complete as a single achievement.  Here's a quick breakdown for you because I like ya.  

Play 1v1 on Release against the AI (setting it on easy moves this along quite nicely).  Playing as the Covenant, capture all existing bases and get them pumping out resources.  Next, upgrade your Leader Temple and pump out 2 scarabs.  At one Flood gate, leave a scarab and your leader.  At the other gate, leave the other scarab and some wraiths.  Capture the two release controls and whenever they're ready, open them up and let your units have some fun.  I also built two engineers to leave with each group.  Just in case the scarabs were actually scratched during these multiple encounters with the Flood.  Keep doing this until you've reached around 3500-3600 points (it will take quite some time.  I think my attempt took me around 1h15m.)  After you reach that point, assault the AI base and turn on every skull that increases your multiplier before you leave a crater where your opponent once stood.  I should also note, you do need to have the skulls in the first place to attempt this, so you will need your Graverobber achievement or at least go through and grab the specific ones.

Resident Evil 5

I can't believe I've never actually played this before.  I was highly entertained the whole time.  I still have 3-4 levels to complete, but I knock out a few achievements in the process.  I'm not including any for actually completing the levels themselves


  • Be the Knife - Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife
  • Drive By - Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver
  • A Friend in Need - Save a partner 10 times when HELP is displayed
  • Exploding Heads - Pull off 20 headshots
  • Fireworks - Shoot an enemy molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade
  • Baptism by Fire - Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion


I also wanted to write about LA Noire here too, but it's time to finish up RE5.