Of course I'm a gamer, but I'm also a musician.  I have been for several years.  A game with a great soundtrack makes it so much more appealing and memorable to me.  My love for the music doesn't end at the OST.  There are some great artists out there that recreate, perform, or alter these original tracks into something that is truly epic.  My iPhone is loaded with these tracks.  I'll drive down the road with the stereo blasting, my jean jacket and aviators on, and my Zelda hat.  You might be saying "Oshai, where can I find some these pieces and be as awesome as you?"  Don't worry my fellow gamers.  I'm feeling a little generous, and I will help you down this path.  






This is one great website.  There are plenty of artists taking some old school tracks and remixing them.  I suggest starting with these:



Prefer more of a rock sound?  No problem.  Check out Daniel Tidwell.  His album "Versus Video Games" is available on iTunes.  This guy is great.  I almost wanted to cut off my own hands in a sacrifice to him, but then I realized there are still far too many asses I need to kick in Reach.  He has tracks from Castlevania II, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Duck Tales to name a few.  Go check him out.

Now you're saying "But Oshai, I don't really like rock or techno.  Do you have anything else?" Of course I do.  Maybe nerdcore is your scene.  I recommend checking out the 8-Bit Boys.  Their album "8-bit Diagrams" is also available on iTunes.  My personal favorite from them so far is "Veterans".

There are plenty of other nerdcore artists out there.  If you want to get a better idea, just go to Last.FM and enter 8-bit boys.  You'll get plenty of nerdcore love.  I'm always looking for more music like this.  If you have any other suggestions, please send them my way.