*grumble grumble rabble rabble rabble* We reported on this subject during an episode of 2G1C about a year ago. Adding 25 character codes in every newly purchased game for online play. We have EA Games to thank for coming up with the idea. This practice was used to target buyers who purchased their games used. If you bought your copy new, you received a nice shiny card in the box with a 25 character code used to unlock the online features of the game. The user would be prompted to enter the code once they tried to enter online play. It's like any other piece of software you buy these days. I thought to myself oh please oh please don't let this spread.

All was calm in the world of gaming until I tried to play the new Mortal Kombat online yesterday with PapaGypsy. What's this? Please enter your 25 character online pass code? *grumble grumble rabble rabble*. In real life, I am a network administrator. I do this crap constantly. I really don't want to enter more product keys when I get home from work. I have my reasons for bitching, but the people who I notice complain the most are Gamefly subscribers. Sure EA, offers a few days to play online without needing a code, but after that trial period, either give them an additional ten dollars to continue that social gaming you oh so enjoy, or sit in the corner and no online for you!  Just to clarify, this is ten dollars per game.  We first ran into this with NFS Hot Pursuit.  Loved the game, but my friends found crazy to pay an additional ten dollars for something that they may not keep for much longer. 

Back to used games sales.  There are times that I don't feel like paying $59.99 for a new title.  I walk into Gamestop and see a fairly used copy $10-15 cheaper than a brand new copy.  Bonus right?  Not anymore.  At that price, there's no point to buying the game used.  I know I know.  It's all about making money, but not all of us can afford $60 for every single title we want to play.