Title: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

Developer: Ska Studios

Platform: Xbox Live Arcade

Price: 800 Microsoft Points


Should you play it?  Hell yeah you should.  I was just thinking to myself that I needed something new to play on the arcade.  Enter The Dishwasher: VS.  You take the role as either the Dishwasher or the Prisoner.  The story itself it quite a mind trip.  As it progresses, you will find yourself shifting between the battlefield and what looks to be a hospital of sorts.  The gameplay itself is quite brutal.  You start only with a katana, but you will find weapons like the Buster Sword, a giant hypodermic needle, chainsaw, and gatling gun attached to your arm.  You are also given several magical attacks to destroy your opponents.  The game is filled with plenty of foes for you to hack and slash your way through.  The graphical design is also truly amazing.  It is very dark and messy, like something out of a nightmare.  Even after beating the game, there are plenty of challenges waiting for you.  The Dishwasher costs 800 Microsoft points.  I give it a definite buy.