Title: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

Publisher: Atari

Platform: Xbox 360, PSN, PC

All I can say is ouch.  I love Ghostbusters, but this title does the franchise no justice.  The gameplay is similar to Zombie Apocalypse.  A top-down view in a small environment.  The actual gameplay itself isn't that bad, but there are so many other things that cause this game to be a huge disappointment.  

Where to start?  First, there is no voice acting in the game.  Instead the story is explained by comic strips with text so small, that you have to strain to read it.  Second, you don't get to play as the original Ghostbusters.  You are now a team of four rookies.  This isn't so bad, but damn it I want to play as the originals.  Third, it pulls the weapon types straight from the last title.  Changing weapons is required to fight different types of enemies.  They are all marked by color (red, yellow, and blue).  You'll constantly find yourself switching weapon types since attacking with wrong color weapon will do almost nothing to your opponents.  The game is a 4-player co-op.  Playing alone wll cause three AI characters to fight by your side.  They don't always attack properly, or they're more concerned with reviving down allies.  They always want to try and revive when they are already swarmed by enemies.  What if you want to play with your friends online?  Sanctum of Slime suffers from the same horrible lag issues that Zombie Apocalypse always had.  Everyone starts jumping around, and you never truly know where the enemies are located on the screen.  I had high hopes for this title, but was left more than disappointed.  At least the title screen plays the original theme.