Title: Game Dev Story

Publisher: Kairosoft

Platform: iPhone

I came across this one a while back browsing through the app store.  It is tons of fun and easy to play.  You play the role of the owner in a game developer company.  The first thing you get to do is name your company.  I, of course, went with APN Studios.  You are given a quick presentation of the gameplay and your first choice of people to hire.  I will offer this one initial tip: keep your team diverse.  Some of these roles include graphic artists, sound engineers, producers, directors, and hackers.  Each come with a bonus to one or two stats.  

Now for the gameplay.  Your goal is to design video games.  The first step is to choose a genre and type.  There aren't many to choose from in the start.  If the type and genre match, you will be awarded with points to boost the initial value of the game.  This will also boost your team's desire to work on the game.  More genres and types can be unlocked by training your employees.  Training can get expensive, but it is needed to increase a game's value.

Let's walk through creating a game, shall we?  The first step is to appoint someone to write the proposal.  Producers, writers, and directors are usually the best for this since their stats in programming and scenario are the highest.  After making your choice, the employee goes to work adding points to fun and creativity.  If these scores are high, the team gets even more excited about working on it.  The process starts at 0%.  At 40%, you will need to appoint someone to graphic design, and at 80%, someone to the soundtrack.  Another note: don't use the same person over and over again for these moments.  They lose interest, and the bonus tends to go down.  After the game is complete, the team works on debugging.  I will always suggest that the team finishes the debugging process.  Finally after debugging, the game is put before the reviewers.  If it does well, it may be in the hall of fame.  This will boost popularity.  After this whole process the game finally goes on sale.  

(bored?  Get back to work minions!)

What should you do with your profits?  Train your employees of course.  The more you train, the more the points will go up during the game development process, increasing the possibility that your game will be in the hall of fame.  The other benefit of training is it unlocks more genres and types for games.  Unlocking more of these, grant more bonus points to go toward your games.  There is plenty to do and plenty to think about when making your choices.  At some point it becomes automatic, and you're just trying to see how much you can make off of one game.  

Game Dev Story is tons of fun.  A great simulation game based off the video game industry.  There is a free "lite" version also available in the app store if you want to give it a try.  I give it a buy.  

Next time I'll be looking at another "story" from Kairosoft.