I love playing Reach with the APN, but I can't stand big team battles sometimes.  Sure it goes well if we have eight members online, but that doesn't always happen.  They usually go well, but then we may get a royal douche on our team.  It has been happening more and more recently.  In most big teams there are always vehicles on the field.  Again usually not an issue.  The big problem comes in with elite slayer matches.  All players will get a plasma pistol as a secondary weapon.  These asshats will constantly stun their own vehicles

I really wish I could boot players for pulling off that crap.  I mean what's the point?  Why even join in a team battle if you're going to that the whole time?  It's not even like they're trying to grab the vehicles themselves.  They just sit back and stun stun stun.  Why even play?  We can kill these people, but then we get booted for teamkilling.  There really should be some system in place that would allow teams to boot players that pull this crap.  I don't know if this really allowed or not, but I will be putting a list together of these asshats.

This kind of behavior just ruins the experience for other people trying to play.  Just go ahead and join a free-for-all match and leave us alone.  There isn't much we can do except give bad player reviews.  Your name does get passed around rather quickly between all of the APN members.  We do all within our power to prevent these people from joining us.  We're in it to win.  I will leave you with one more of my favorite pictures