The gamer community is huge.  There is so much out there for anyone to find.  It's just amazing to think how easy it is actually.  I can walk into any store that sells magazines and see at least five different titles.  I can watch trailers online and read reviews.  I can find podcasts dedicated to several fields of gaming.  When I played WoW, I listened to every episode of The Instance.  It isn't always about reviews and hints though.  Sites like Red vs. Blue and Penny Arcade show us the humorous side to everything.

I wanted to have my own little place in that community.  Starting 2G1C got my foot in the door.  The show's approach is anything but serious, but it's what we do.  Next week will be our 50th episode.  We've had plenty of rough spots, but we always stand, plant our feet, and get ready for the next challenge.  Speaking of challenges, where's the next nostalgic test of my ability?  I shouldn't be looking forward to it since now everyone involved will find a way to get me to eat pickles.  Blargh.

Even with 2G1C in place, it wasn't enough.  There were other small bloggers and podcasters out there looking to have their voices heard.  That is where Power-Ups Not Included comes into play.  I couldn't ask for a better team.  Everyone has their own opinions.  Everyone has their own style.  From FriedRiceARoni's look at the community from a female perspective, to Gypsy's love of horror, the site has plenty to offer.

Starting this site has been more than exciting, but it has been very tiring.  I thank everyone who has helped me with the initial build, and I thank everyone who has given us all of their support.  Ok ok enough of the emotional stuff.  Grab your sticks and let's kick some ass!