I hope everyone had fun over the break.  My Christmas was a little interesting to say the least.  I don't think I've ever been so hungover.  That was an adventure of its own.  I'm not here to talk about my drunken escapades, but rather just to see how everyone is doing, because I like ya.  Not much in terms of gaming happened over my brief time off from work.  I did get a little more time in with The Old Republic, and a couple of games of Modern Warfare 3 with my brother.  I did take some time last week to add a few videos to our YouTube channel, so you should go check them out.  I would have more on the way, but I'm currently working on an issue that kills my framerate every time I press that little record button.

 I've learned a few things a few things over the break:

  • Whoever came up with alcoholic egg nog is an asshole.
  • I am terrible at Cranium, except for the trivia portions.
  • A dog blanket will not keep you warm at night.
  • A slick leather couch may not be the best place to try and sleep.
  • Never think that you've won in Monopoly just because you have a nice early lead.
  • Always know when to quit at the casino.  
  • The Old Republic is still awesome.
  • I still suck at MW3.
  • NHL12 on anything lower than pro is a joke (I was trying to get a feel for the controls)
  • My nephew may not be the best chess player in the world, but he's still one cute kid.  Proof below

 How about everyone else?  Anything fun and exciting?