What can a dollar buy?  A sandwich?  A beverage?  A game that can cause me to want to throw my laptop out the window?  If you chose the final option, you would be correct.  I was checking the Steam store after work, and I ran across Arcadia.  Looking at the trailer, it reminded me of Geometry Wars.  I loved that game, so I thought I'd give it a go since it was so cheap.  I didn't realize the level of frustration that I opened myself up to when I clicked install.  

Like I said, the game is very similar (almost identical) to Geometry Wars.  Your goal is to move around the screen and fire away at anything that gets in your way.  The enemies are several different shapes all with different attributes.  Some are simple one-shot kills, others explode in several directions, and others are immune to attacks from the front.  The game is very fast-paced.  My midi-chlorian just isn't high enough.  Dodge left, and something pops up quickly from the bottom of the screen.  Try to focus on one enemy, and quickly you'll be swarmed from several directions.  Quite frustrating.

Time for the weapons.  There are two major attacks.  The first is the standard shot that increases in power with each kill earned.  The second attack is like a bomb or pulse.  It fires in all directions, destroying almost anything caught in the wave.  These do have a limited quantity per life.  I always hear "use bombs wisely!" in my head with every use.  Arcadia does get my blood boiling, but I also have trouble putting it down.  With every death, every continue, every "game over" screen, my determination to earn a somewhat decent score grows.  I can't get away from it.  I try to step away.  After losing, I'll take a sip of my drink, glare at the screen, and give it the finger.  All it does it laugh at me for how much I suck at it.  I need a montage.  I feel it will help in my quest.