I'm back again with some more Halloween fun.  It's time for some more zombie bashing.  Next up is Pound of Ground.  Developed by Centauri Production, Pound of Ground follows MJ, the lead hero with no memory of what happened.  The area has been infested with zombies, and it is up to MJ to put a stop to it.  You aren't given much to defend yourself in the beginning.  Only a baseball bat and trusty revolver are the early tools of destruction.  The combat system can be quite humorous, especially with the bat.  You can continually swing at an enemy to stun them, or you can charge up to send them flying.  The game tracks the distance zombies fly.  I've been lining them up over cliffs to see just how far I can get the undead to soar.  I rarely use the revolver.  I find smacking them across the dome to be far more entertaining.

The game does take place in the desert, and requires the use of a vehicle to move between zones.  The control during these driving portions is quite responsive.  I shuddered at the thought of playing another game with driving elements after my initial experience with Zombie Driver.  This did not disappoint at all.  Pound of Ground is also filled with humor.  The cutscenes move to a military base of soldiers watching footage of MJ's actions.  At one point there are bets taken on MJ's chance of survival against the zombie horde.  No one wanted a piece of that action.  The initial conversations are also quite humorous.  The inhabitants are....well....they're rednecks.  I really want to play more of this now, but I have so much time and so little to review. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. 

Pound of Ground is being offered for $2.50 through Steam for their Halloween sale.  Go check it out!