I picked up Dark Souls over the weekend.  I finally sat down today to give it a try.  Remembering how difficult Demon's Souls was, I figured I would keep a log of my activity.  

5:30 - xbox update - Boring
5:38 - game update - Grumble.  I just want to play
5:39 - character creation - I chose the warrior class for my first attempt.  Equipped with sword and shield, I hoped to cut my foes to pieces.
5:41 - kickass intro - It kicked ass!
5:47 - play starts - I spent the first minute or so getting used to the controls.
5:57 - dead - Big guy with club = my first death
6:00 - dead - Big guy with club laughs at me for coming back
6:04 - dead - I was working on my parrying skills, and got owned
6:06 - dead - Big guy with club shakes his head at my third pathetic attempt
6:15 - boss down - Diving from a ledge, I make that bastard taste my steel. (Laundry buzzer) Damn damn damn.  This whole needing to wear clothes thing is a hassle.
6:22 - round 2 - I take a look around my new surroundings, and continue on with my journey.  I spend some time with my stats, and checking out some items.
6:27 - Talk to random guy in cell - Get distracted and fall to my death.
6:33 - dead - WTF just happened?
6:42 - dead - These ghosts are real assholes.
6:46 - dead - Swing at random mob, stood too close to the edge, and fell to my death.
6:50 - dead - I kite two ghosts down a hill, forget to check behind me, and fall to my death.

Well there you have it.  At this point, I decided it was time to grab some food before I put my fist through my new tv.  I think I'm going to start over and play as a ranged class.  I was better with them in the previous title.