This has nothing to do with video games, but it does pertain to a game.  I was out at a restaurant/bar for a weekly trivia night.  We reached the final question tied for first place.  My answer was declared incorrect and our team dropped from first to third place for the night.  It had to do with road signs that could potentially be associated with movies.  I am polling our faithful viewers for this one.  

The five road signs were:

  • No passing
  • Slow
  • No stopping
  • Stream crossing
  • Falling Rock

The movies were:

  • Tooth Fairy
  • Speed
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Ghostbusters
  • Forrest Gump

Three of these were quite easy

  • No passing = Lord of the Rings
  • Stream crossing = Ghostbusters
  • Falling Rock = Tooth Fairy

The remaining two are the ones in question.  I said slow was associated with Speed and no stopping was associated with Forrest Gump.  Like I said before, I was declared wrong.  What are your opinions on this one?  I will give my thought process when some responses are posted.

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