Charlie’s Game Ideas!


Sharknado Online

Unlike any other online experience, Sharknado Online pits players against each other in the same context as the smash-hit movie, Sharknado! When you log into our servers (Los Angeles, New York, Miami, New Orleans, and Lake Michigan) you are provided with a unique choice of playing as a man or shark. If you choose to play as a man, you are running for your life and gaining points for living longer. Decide to brave the Sharknado and kill some player-controlled sharks for extra points that can be spent on upgrades!

Imagine a dude in a full suit of armor running down the street with chainsaws for hands cutting up sharks (literally) left and right as he approaches a tornado laden with Great Whites…most OP char ever, amirite? Work towards a high level and getting lots of points, and YOU could be the one running around gutting and kill-stealing your life away in Sharknado Online!

Only for Playstation.


Wolverine’s Friends

You’ve seen the movie, now play as every character from The Wolverine…except Wolverine! Play as Yukio and tell Wolverine about the tragic future of a couple of bear-hunting rednecks! Once he believes in your ability to tell the future, tell him a completely fake story about how he dies because otherwise Logan wouldn’t have enough to worry about while operating on his own heart. Way to go!

It would be hard to forget a character like Navi from the popular Legend of Zelda games, fluttering around Link’s head and imploring for him to “Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!”…well, in the critically-acclaimed Wolverine’s Friends game you can play as Mariko, who flutters around the Ol’ Canucklehead’s bed while he tries to sleep and repeatedly asks him “Who’s Jean? Who’s Jean?” Wolverine wants to tell her to jump off a cliff in despair, but then he reminds himself that he stopped her from doing that earlier in the game and is now considering that fate for himself!

The last character you can play in the game nominated for Best Game Disc to Use As A Coaster by the NY Times is…Asian Hawkeye! We don’t know his name, but he has a bow and likes to hang out on rooftops during funerals! This character has a unique gameplay element of not knowing which side he is on, so quite often you will have to change alliances and start fighting someone else. Whenever Wolverine is around, you can either shoot him in the back or tell him how to escape. Now that is putting choice in the hands of the player!



In the game Awkward, you play through a set of awkward social scenarios. The lady at the Taco Bell smiles devilishly and says that your debit card was reported stolen when you try to pay for your food, and you get the vibe that she is just messing with you because she is a middle-aged woman working at Taco Bell and doesn’t know any other way to bring joy into her life…what to do? This is where Awkward shines, because you can choose to handle the situation however you want! You can do something subtle like tell her “Yeah, that’s because I stole it. Now gimme my food!” or you can simply punch her in the face and take a dump in the cash register while everyone watches.

Another awkward social situation in this revolutionary game comes in the form of the men’s bathroom, where there are three urinals and the man who walked in before you chose to stand at the middle one. As you move to either side of him, the man will give you a glaring look as if the urinal you chose was his mother. And here you are, you bastard…pissing on his mother. You are presented with the choice to start pissing in his urinal, start pissing on the man, or start crying while you stare at him and molest yourself with a Michael Jackson glove on.

This game is being hailed as Dishonored meets Heavy Rain, a phenomenal story fused with exciting and pulse-pounding gameplay set on the backdrop of normal everyday situations gone horribly wrong.



Well, those are my game ideas! What do you think, should we get a kickstarter going? Do you have your own game ideas? Let us know in the comments below!